Will Michigan Pull Off A Common Core Repeal?

Moriarty Gasp ReplacementsAs previously reported here at Stop Common Core NC, the Michigan legislature was running bills to repeal Common Core in favor of Massachusetts pre-Common Core standards.

The pre-Common Core standards in Massachusetts were largely seen as some of the best in the country and actually superior to Common Core in many ways.

It appears the two bills involved filed are moving forward.

Truth in American Education has an update on these bills, SB 826 and HB 544.  The Senate bill has not yet had a floor vote and the House bill is still in committee.

Excerpt from the Truth In American Education article on what these bills do:

  • Michigan’s math, ELA, science and Social studies standards (math and ELA standards are Common Core) and testing would be eliminated in their entirety, replaced by the standards that were in place in Massachusetts prior to Common Core.
  • Local school boards would be free to adjust the standards, and after five years, the state Board of Education would be authorized to do the same. New standards shall not be implemented until both the Senate and House approve the new standards in concurrent resolutions.
  • Parents would be free to opt their child out of any class, instruction, or testing.
  • The state and local schools would be prohibited from collecting data regarding an individual student’s values, attitudes, beliefs, and personality traits, or the student’s family’s political or religious affiliations or views.
  • Test questions used by public schools would be made easily available to the public.

Watch for the Pro-Common Core forces to swoop in and start pressuring these legislators.

Michigan, expect shenanigans.

Lines of attack coming your way:

  • But we spent all this money!
  • It’s going to cost too much money!
  • Stop switching standards, it’s bad for the teachers.
  • Test scores dropped because the Core is harder, you have to give it more time.
  • You’re signaling Michigan isn’t competitive.
  • Massachusetts dropped their own standards for Common Core.

That last line of attack on the list? The proper response is: AND THEY REGRET IT.
Then remind the attacker that Massachusetts has dumping Common Core on their ballot this year.

As we saw here in North Carolina during our Common Core bill process, the Chamber of Commerce was one of the main sources of pressure both in public and behind the scenes.

The NC Chamber openly pushed for the Senate bill over the arguably much stronger House bill. In fact, the NC Chamber outright condemned the House bill.

The NC Chamber continued to manipulate the process after the Senate bill passed and the Commission to review and replace Common Core was set up. The Chamber hired a lobbyist, who would email letters to the commission co-chairs.  One letter pushed a Florida Rebrand scenario.

The second letter was sent to the Commission by a group of teachers. However, Co-Chair Covil noticed in the document properties the letter was actually written by the Chamber’s lobbyist, Andrew Meehan.

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