WikLeaks Drops Clinton Speech Excerpts: Common Core Was “A Political Failure”

On Friday, WikiLeaks dropped documents pertaining to Hillary Clinton surrogate, John Podesta. Along with those documents was a collection of excerpts from her paid speeches of which Mrs. Clinton has refused to release.

clinton-coughThe speech excerpts are indexed and there is a section on Education. Specifically, she calls Common Core a political disaster.

Clinton incorrectly claims Common Core was “negotiated by a bipartisan group of governors” and then she blames the ensuing mess on there being no sales pitch to convince people of how awesome it was supposed to be.

Here is the excerpt:

Hillary Clinton: Common Core Was “A Political Failure.”
In her remarks at Knewton, Hillary Clinton said, “The common core is a perfect example. I mean, the common core was negotiated by a bipartisan group of governors. And maybe they thought — I mean, I think this was a political failure because they negotiated something and they had no real agreed-upon program for explaining it and selling it to people so that they left an opening for those who were always in the education debate, who don’t think anybody should be told anything about what to study, even if it’s the multiplication tables. You know, that that should all be left to local control. And then you get into more complicated areas, as we all know, that that’s just totally off limits. And then using common core results for teacher evaluation when everybody knew that it was going to be complicated to implement.”
[Hillary Clinton’s Remarks at Knewton, 7/22/14]

There was no program for explaining it. It was to be adopted without question. When push back started from parents outraged at the junk that was coming home, that’s when the Machine started up.

Parents who were upset that their kids were melting down while doing basic addition the Common Core way were told to shut up and sit down by educrats, think tank policy wonks, an endless sea of Bill Gates funded non-profits and politicians like Jeb Bush.

It’s worth noting that at a roundtable in Iowa last year,  Mrs. Clinton called the raising and educating our children a ‘non-family enterprise’:

“But your question is really a larger one. How did we end up at a point where we are so negative about the most important non-family enterprise in the raising of the next generation which is how our kids are educated?” – Caffeinated Thoughts

Clinton also has ties to the New America Foundation, a “non-partisan” group. The main purpose of New America Foundation is to influence national Education policy at Congressional level; they’ve spent millions on lobbying.  In fact, in 2014 the organization put out a policy briefing Insisting that Colleges Align with the Common Core”.

New America Foundation is a 501(c)3 that was started in 1999 by Ted Halstead and Steve McColl and whose board includes George Soros’ son, Jonathan Soros. The Foundation is headed up by Anne-Marie Slaughter, who is also former Clinton State Department staffer.

New America Foundation, while mostly politically focused and is indisputably a Left leaning organization, also has formulated specific ‘education policy‘ goals. None of which are of a ‘local control’ flavor.

Some of the more visible backers include Bill Gates, George Soros and the Tides Foundation, Microsoft, Home Depot, Rockefeller, DISH Network, Google, Facebook, Arianna Huffington and the U.S. Dept. of State.

Watch the “Welcome To New America” video. You won’t have to go far into it to see Mrs. Clinton. The clip of ‘former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’ promoting New America Foundation comes right after Senator John McCain’s glowing testimonial. Stick around, you’ll see Van Jones too.

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