West Virginians Can Thank Gov. Tomblin For Their Kids Enduring More Common Core

Whenever I read a headline claiming Common Core is “repealed” by a legislature, I shake my head.  Almost immediately each time, a scene from the movie Space Balls pops into my head.

Yes, Good can be dumb. Good is also apparently spineless.

Back in February, the media was reporting West Virginia had “repealed” Common Core and that was, of course,  incorrect.

Darth Helmet CCThe bill created an evaluation panel among other things, but the reason Common Core lives on in West Virginia rests squarely with the state’s Governor.

West Virginia’s HB 4104 made it through both houses of the legislature, but it was watered down from its original form. In the end, Governor Tomblin vetoed it at the last-minute. There was no time for the legislature to override the veto.

WV Against Common Core has more on this bill in a bit of a post-mortem article on their site. What I find interesting about this article is that you can take out West Virginia and insert any state name, really.

The following excerpt should ring true for any Common Core fighter’s experience in any state as well:

No, the failure came because the legislative leadership and most legislators underestimated the depth of the Common Core issue. Repealing Common Core is not just about throwing out some educational standards. It is about having a plan to replace those standards with proven high-quality standards – and that is just the beginning of the debate.

It is about eliminating high stakes standardized testing, choosing a simple appropriate achievement assessment, denying the collection and disbursement of student data, and it is about allowing parents their right to direct their child’s education.

And repealing common core is about the realization that we have allowed our state school board to become the unaccountable, unelected, 4th branch of government – completely entrenched in common core and answerable to no one in our state – a state board bowing only to the U.S. Department of Education who has now consumed our state sovereignty. And it is recognizing that the state board will never have an honest conversation about common core. Just as they falsely claimed to repeal common core in 2015, they will continue to deceive and manipulate information to maintain their powerful position.

This passage speaks to spineless legislative majorities.

It also speaks to education boards and school chiefs, who in their quest for ‘fairness’ and in the name of ‘helping children’, have made states prostrate to the federal government.

North Carolinians know this all too well. We have a super-majority in our legislature, yet Common Core remains. What the State Board of Education is doing with standards ‘revisions’ is a farce.

What’s worse is what the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) is doing with these ‘revisions’ — it’s flat out insulting to anyone who has been fighting Common Core.

This, in my opinion, is election year smoke and mirrors with just enough revisions being made using the Academic Standards Review Commission’s findings to make it look good for a certain State Superintendent running for re-election.
Meanwhile the most egregious things in Common Core lie in the K-5, but those won’t be revised or available for the public to even view until 2017!

Then who knows how long it will take any changes that DPI makes to be implemented. All of this despite the fact DPI knew in 2010 what the problems were with Common Core, but apparently just ignored it.

Dr. Atkinson has railed about leaving Common Core in place and how it ‘takes time’ to see results. Well, she’s gotten her time and the results are flat-lining and declining test scores. North Carolina’s NAEP scores dropped too – significantly.

But by all means, let’s keep using Common Core. There’s no sense of urgency, it’s only the future of our children at stake.

Like I said earlier, flat-out insulting.


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