Website Shames Those Attacking Opt Out Teachers and Parents

An anonymously registered website titled, The Educational Wall of Shame, takes aim at administrators who have been attacking the high stakes testing opt out movement.

The page has a number of individuals and includes the media outlet, Newsday.  The earliest entry on the page is February 5, 2016. Each ‘offender’  has a link to a quote or piece of evidence linking them to trying to quash the opt out movement.

The majority of the ‘offender’s’ are from New York, but included is the National PTA President and the Deputy Assistant in charge of assessments for the Georgia department of education.

On the page, you can send a pre-written ‘shaming letter’ to these individuals.  Viewing the source code of the website, one can see the text of the pre-written letters. They read as follows:

“Your attempts to scare parents with misinformation are improper, hurtful to education and will certainly not stop the opt-out movement. A matter of fact your will strengthen the resolve of parents to oppose polices that are hurtful to their children. It is truly a shame that you choose to side with those who want to hurt education, who want to advance a political agenda that benefits profiteers and who do not have the bests interests of children in mind. It is a shame that the only thing your actions do is hurt the very children you are charged with helping and protecting. It is a true shame.”

The PostStar reported on this website recently. Their report had different text from that posted here in this article.

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