VA Governor Vetoes Common Core Bill

Virginia’s Governor has vetoed a bill that sought to require legislator approval before the state’s board of education could adopt standards like that of Common Core.

Washington Post:

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe on Tuesday vetoed a bill that would have required the state Board of Education to seek approval from the General Assembly to adopt the Common Core, a set of national educational standards that Virginia rejected five years ago.

The bill came in response to fears that the state would attempt to adopt the standards, even though McAuliffe opposes them. Common Core, formulated by a bipartisan group of governors and state education chiefs and endorsed by the Obama administration, sought to bring some uniformity to the nation’s K-12 public education. Though widely adopted, some have argued that the standards amount to federal overreach, spurring backlash.


McAuliffe, who vetoed the bill Tuesday, said it would have placed unnecessary restrictions on the state’s board of education.

“Virginia’s institutions and leaders have made it abundantly clear that adopting the Common Core State Standards would be a step backwards,” McAuliffe said in a statement. “While I remain opposed to adopting the Common Core State Standards, I am equally opposed to infringing on the Board’s authority by adopting unnecessary legislation which establishes rules upon which we have already agreed.”

Did you catch that last bit?  Virginia did not adopt Common Core because it would be a “step backwards”.

But all the states who did adopt it were just fine with such a backwards step.

REMINDER: Arne Duncan’s kids went to school in Virginia.