Social Issues Activism Is Now “Common Core Aligned”

‘That’s just a bad assignment.’ ‘That worksheet isn’t Common Core.’

Opponents of the Common Core standards have heard these statements or similar ones, whenever we’ve held up actual examples of Common Core in action. I’ll be interested to see what those supporters say about the “Common Core aligned” curriculum that’s been created by Southern Poverty Law Center’s education arm, Teaching Tolerance.

For reference see:

Not only is Teaching Tolerance boasting their materials are “Common Core aligned”, they also bragged on Twitter that they “advised the architects” on text selections!

This is the same organization who labeled opponents of Core as ‘extremists’.  The same group whose “hate map” was used by Floyd Corkins to attempt a mass shooting at the Family Research Council headquarters.

Over the last two weeks I’ve done a multi-part series on Teaching Tolerance over at my personal blog. I encourage all parents to go check this series out and see it for themselves. Teaching Tolerance has created ‘free’ social issue lessons and materials, touting them as “Common Core aligned”.

The end goal of these ‘lessons’ clearly appears to be the creation of social justice activists; starting in pre-k with kids as young as 4 and 5 years old.

It’s Already In NC Schools.

Parents in North Carolina might want to know that NC Public Schools cites Southern Poverty Law Center’s ‘Teaching Tolerance’ as an approved resource for their “Bullies and Victims” curriculum. By the way, ‘Teaching Tolerance’ is apparently used in Durham Public Schools.  More here.

Reminder: NC DPI pulled history course recommendations produced by the Bill of Rights Institute of Virginia because they had ties to the Koch Brothers. Now we have NC DPI recommending ‘bullying’ course material from a far Left group known for ginning up hate.

Here is the series, please take a few moments to check it out.

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