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The Standards

Common Core State Standards Initiative
Link to Common Core State Standards and more.
North Carolina Common Core State Standards Page
NC DPI page on Common Core Standards
 Instructional Support Tools for Common Core Standards
Support tools for the teaching of Common Core Standards in North Carolina, by grade.  Information is from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

Perspectives on Common Core Standards and Implementation

North Carolina

60 Questions about Common Core

Common Core State Standards: The Way Forward

Common Core Standards Will Impose an Unproven “One Size Fits All” Curriculum on North Carolina

Common Core: Worse Than You Think

North Carolina Institute for Constitutional Law Policy Papers on Common Core

  • CC-Budget Provision Memo 81413 TY JD JD edits (Memorandum of Law, NC Budget Puts Common Core Assessments on Ice)
  • Common Core history and structure
  • Common Core and Federalism
  • Common Core Funding
  • Common Core and Privacy
  • Common Core and Parents

 Pioneer Institute Research for video: Setting the Record Straight on Common Core (see video section)

One-Page Primer on Common Core: Legality

One-Page Primer on Common Core: Cost

One-Page Primer on Common Core: Quality

Lowering the Bar: Common Core Math Fails to Prepare Students for STEM

A Republic of Republics: How Common Core Undermines State and Local Autonomy over K-12 Education

How Common Core’s ELA Standards Place College Readiness at Risk

National Cost of Aligning States and Localities to Common Core

The Road to a National Curriculum

Controlling Education from the Top

Why Race to the Middle?

Fair to Middling: A National Standards Progress Report

The Emperor’s New Clothes

National Standards Still Don’t Make the Grade

Common Core English and Math Standards Not Properly Validated

Cogs in the Machine

Study Finds Common Core Math Standards Will Reduce Enrollment in High-Level High School Math Courses, Dumb Down College Stem Curriculum

Study: Common Core ELA Standards Will Further Harm U.S. History Instruction

We Now Have a Smart Exit Strategy from Common Core

Doubling Down on Doublespeak

Reviews of the Standards

Final Evaluation of the Next Generation Science Standards
Fordham Institute

James Milgram on the new Core Curriculum standards in math

The Cost of Implementing Common Core

Pioneer Institute and American Principles Project White Paper (2012)

National Standards Cost Handout
Pioneer Institute

Common Core Funding
North Carolina Institute for Constitutional Law Paper How Much Will It Cost?

How Well Do State Education Departments Report Public School Spending
(NC graded F) Cato Institute

Student Longtitudinal Data System

Data: The Missing Piece to Improving Student Acheivement
Data Quality Campaign

North Carolina Centralizes, Expands Student Data Collection

Presentations and U.S. Dept of Education / RttT Documentation

Federal Register / Vol.75, No. 68 (April 9, 2010) : 18171
Department of Education Overview Information; RttT Fund Assessment Program



General Assembly Education Committees

Education – K-12
House Standing Committee
Education / Higher Education
Senate Standing Committee

Joint Legislative Education Oversight Committee (Look up contact information and confirm current members  here)

House Study Committee on Education Innovation (2013)
(Year of the Legislative Research Committee on Common Core)
Committee on Common Core State Standards (LRC)(2013)
Education – Community Colleges
House Standing Committee