Post-Mortem of February NC Common Core Commmission Meeting

Due to inclement weather, many were not able to attend the NC Academic Standards Review Commission (ASRC) meeting yesterday in Raleigh. I listened in to the live stream of the meeting after fighting with RealPlayer for a bit.

For those who want to see a play by play, check out the Storify Article: NC Common Core Commission meeting 2/16/15

The meeting itself was scaled back and agenda revised.  This meant cutting Dr. Koschnick’s presentation on developmental appropriateness of the Common Core.

Most of the time was spent on information regarding assessments and the State Board of Education’s testing taskforce.

After the assessment piece was over, they brought in Dr. Blessing from Kentucky to tell us about how Kentucky ‘engaged their community’, in particular there was mention of surveys they did in the state.  Frankly, this presentation was a huge waste of time and a regurgitation of what NC DPI has already said and done.

Major Highlights:

1. Jeannie Metcalf stepped down as Co-Chair. Tammy Covil was elected to take her place.

2. Parent/Stakeholder Survey released.

You have to review the standards line by line and either approve of the standard or say it needs revision with a spot for revision suggestions/comments on the standard at hand.

There is no way to save your spot and come back. You have to complete the section in one shot.

No identifiers are present; anyone can take this survey from anywhere – just like the teacher version.

Be prepared to sit a long time if you do the survey, I did just one grade level in the ELA and it took me over 40 minutes and was over 20 pages long. One has to wonder if the protracted time it takes just to do one grade level in one subject is a bug or a feature?

Survey Details and link:
NC public school parents and community members are invited to go online and give their
feedback on the standards for English language arts and mathematics instruction for
students in kindergarten through 12th grade. The NC Department of Public Instruction has
launched the online survey for parents and community members to provide feedback on the
standards currently in place for students. The survey is available at until April 30. To read more about the survey, please visit and click on the appropriate link under “News.”


UPDATE: The Coastal Carolina Taxpayers Association has kindly provided their minutes from the meeting. CCTPA – Academic Standards Review Commission January 16, 2015 .

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  • The way bureaucracies survive all attempts to reduce their power and restore accountability to the public paying their bills, is to BAFFLE THEM WITH BS and overwhelm them with “study commissions” and meaningless hearings. Their goal is to retain their status quo as all opposition is worn down! The ONLY answer to Common Core is to TAKE YOUR CHILDREN OUT before this institutionalized curriculum bias destroys their ‘mental health’, morals and understanding of the greatest nation on earth!

    Bonnie Dougherty
    Bonnie Dougherty Feb 18, 2015 at 23:40
  • I would like to see what the Oklahoma state senator read to the senate there and the officials immediately voted to get rid of Common Core and the governor signed it–it was some kind of book and rumor has it that the content was about rape.
    This was mentioned a year or so ago on Glenn Beck but i am asking because there is no way for me to verify.

    Jacquelyn Wilson
    Jacquelyn Wilson Feb 19, 2015 at 9:07

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