Pearson Is Everywhere: SC Test Takers Get ‘Retroactive’ Passage on GED

Pearson Is EverywhereWelcome back to Pearson is Everywhere.

Last time, it was noted that the GED ‘recalibrated‘ their passing scores.

The ramifications of such a ‘recalibration’ were huge as reported in South Carolina.

Post and Courier:

When Kerri Dye took the GED last summer, she passed every section of the exam — social studies, science, language arts — with flying colors.

Except for math, which she failed by one point.

“I was surprised to be honest with you,” Dye said, laughing. The 40-year-old Cane Bay mother of two had aced the GED practice exam at Trident Literacy Association in Goose Creek. She was prepared to retake the math portion in January, when she got a call from Trident Literacy: She could stop studying. She already passed.

Dye is one of 571 South Carolinians who will retroactively earn their high school equivalency diploma after barely failing the GED since the debut of a more rigourous, computer-based version of the exam two years ago. Late last month, the GED Testing Service announced that the minimum passing score on the high school equivalency exam had been lowered in most states from 150 to 145. Anyone who scored between 145 and 149 on the exam after Jan. 1, 2014, would be eligible to receive their state’s high school equivalency certificate.

The GED is supposed to be the ‘every man’s test’, yet Pearson revamped it by making it almost exclusively an online test and the test was aligned to Common Core . Both the number of people taking it and the scores of those who did plunged steeply.

The cost also dramatically increased from $80 to $150. This jacking up of rates by Pearson virtually priced the ‘every man’ out of taking it.

UPDATE: Same story in Rhode Island — “Dozens of R.I. residents gain GEDs after passing scores are lowered retroactively

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