Obamacare IT glitches foreshadow Common Core testing?

According to an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal,

President Obama is bracing Americans for inevitable problems as the Affordable Care Act rolls out this week, but what he calls “glitches” are hardly routine. Information technology is ObamaCare’s Achilles’ heel. The faulty IT will expose Americans to lost data, attempts to enroll online that fail and the risk of fraud.

Authors Scott Gottlieb and Michael Astrue do not mention the Common Core State Standards in their op-ed, but it is easy to imagine that the massive Common Core testing enterprise – an online assessment system initially funded by the federal government but ultimately carried out by states and school districts – will encounter similar difficulties.  Whether it is folks trying to access an insurance exchange or schoolchildren completing a test, most networks cannot handle concentrated online traffic.

Perhaps faulty IT will be Common Core’s Achilles’ heel.


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  • I want you to know what happened to me on the seconday of Obamacare online. I went to check to see if the supplements for Medicare would be cheapers. In my heart I didn’t think so because Obama has already let us know he could careless if we died because of no raise in our monthly Social Security and my husband and I are barely making it. Obama does not care about anyone accept hisself. Well back to the online of Obamacare. I hit the button for seniors and signed in to check for cheapers supplements and all I got was a list of bad names I never heard was suppose to check in their database. Well all of a suddeen my computer started to act up and then my Norton 360 took over my computer and save my butt from a bad Trojan malware Norton said. They killed it. This is what is happening on this website I hate it will not go there again!!

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