NM Public Ed Department Still Believes The Govt Is The Parent

Opt Outs of the Common Core PARCC test in one district in New Mexico dropped to less than a third of what they were the year prior, according to the RRObserver.

That’s a significant drop, but what hasn’t dropped is the cavalier attitudes of school officials like the one cited by the RRObserver.

Here’s an excerpt below, quoting Beth Pendergrass, an apparent spokeswoman for Rio Rancho Public Schools. I’d add emphasis but then the entire except would be in bold.

Still, RRPS does not believe parents really have the right to opt out, according to RRPS spokeswoman Beth Pendergrass.

“We call them ‘refusals’ here just because we feel like ‘opt-out’ implies that there is an option for students not to take the test, and we really don’t think there is an option, but parents have refused to allow their kids to take the test,” she said.

The New Mexico Public Education Department also believes that there is no refusal option, citing federal mandates that students complete statewide assessments.

Got that New Mexico Parents?

parental rights chalkboard memeYou have no right to tell the federal government your child won’t participate. They belong to the state. Totalitarian much?

Refusal or  Opt-out?
Toe-may-toe? Toe-mah-toe?

The re-defining of the action of opting out by school officials is akin to a child hiding their peas in their napkin.  It’s still uneaten peas and it’s still parents telling the school NO.

The RRObserver article also notes that last year, the district made families sign an out out form for “tracking”.  This action seems similar to that going on this year in various states, including North Carolina’s largest district — Wake County.

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