#NCGA Unfooled By Lipstick On The Common Core Pig [Updated]

Common Core Rebrand Lipstick PigLegislators at the North Carolina General Assembly (NCGA) are not fooled by the Department of Public Instruction’s (DPI) attempt to put lipstick on a Common Core pig.

In committee, the Senate has proposed changing the high school math entirely in a proposed addition to HB 657. The vote on the bill likely won’t happen until next week.  See the proposed changes document or view it  at the bottom of this article.

This move should come as no surprise, as legislators who have long been involved in the Common Core fight have already expressed their skepticism of DPI’s proposed re-write.

Recent comments captured by local media outlet, WRAL, show that NC’s State Superintendent is resistant to the idea of changes to the math:

Superintendent of Public Instruction June Atkinson disagrees, saying reverting back to the old system would create “chaos” and ignores the advice of a commission lawmakers put together to review math standards that made its report in December of 2015.

These comments by Dr. Atkinson fly in the face of the facts. Here’s why.

As previously reported here at StopCommonCoreNC.org, North Carolina’s DPI has been attempting to ‘fix’ Common Core by altering language in the high school math standards. Arguably, DPI is attempting a rebrand. The current high school math is Math I, II and III, also referred to as Integrated Math.

During the 15 months of Academic Standards Review Commission (ASRC) meetings, Integrated Math was a hot topic. Teachers who spoke to the commission during their investigation expressed that Integrated Math was a disaster and did not properly prepare students for higher math courses or college work.  DPI’s own survey conducted at the behest of the ASRC  showed similar results.

DPI decided to forge ahead and keep Integrated Math, while making some language changes. These changes do not address the problematic progression issues inherent in Integrated Math.

The State Board of Education met yesterday, June 1st, and will meet again today. The Integrated Math re-write is on the agenda.

Of note, yesterday only one of the Co-Chairs of the ASRC was invited to the Board of Education meeting. That Co-Chair was Common Core supporter, Andre Peek. Co-Chair Covil, who was vocal about changing the math standards, was not extended an invitation.  Perhaps Chairman Cobey needs to remedy that situation lest he be accused of trying to slant the discussion surrounding the standards changes.

UPDATE: I have received comment from Dr. Atkinson’s challenger this election cycle.

“Leadership is about proactively addressing problems, but all Superintendent June Atkinson ever does is react. After 40 years at DPI, Superintendent Atkinson is reacting to the problems that she created: over-testing, an F rating for teacher screenings, and a backlog of thousands of teachers being underpaid while waiting on their licenses. The challenges of Common Core are more of the same from Superintendent Atkinson. More of the same cannot be the only option for NC students and educators.”
Thank you, Mark Johnson, Republican candidate for NC Superintendent of Public Instruction


Here is the document with the proposed changes:

HB657 Replace HS Math by LL1885

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