#NCGA 3rd Common Core Meeting (VIDEO) – PT 11

On March 20th, public comment was allowed at the NC General Assembly’s Common Core Study Committee meeting. Including opening speakers, there were over 60 people who had their say. One of our friends, Major Dave, has again videoed the session and has the video now available. Major Dave has the segments broken up into 11 parts, so I will be posting them in a similar multi-part fashion.

This is Part Eleven and is the final installment in this series:


Video Description:
Presentations by Sarah Winslow, Wake County resident, Frank Livingston, Concerned Citizen, Dick Hilliard, Wake County Resident, and Tony Bruno, Concerned Citizen


*Note:  Any hyperlinks to relevant materials in the video descriptions were added by me.  More detail below.

Keep in mind some of the NC recipients of Gates Foundation Career and College Ready Money as well as ‘Global Policy’ money.


Additional Notes:

Tony Bruno has been an active opponent to Common Core and wrote a response to the lopsided News and Observer Op-Ed piece on Common Core. I published this response on my personal blog:  Wake County Man Fires Back at News & Observer For Common Core Smears

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