NC DPI Proceeds With First Coat of Lipstick On The Common Core Pig

Common Core Rebrand Lipstick PigIn case you missed it, NC DPI has been tossing around language changes to the Common Core high school Integrated Math. These language changes are despite the fact that teachers and parents have expressed frustration with Integrated Math time and again.

This past week, the State Board of Education went along with putting the first coat of lipstick on the Common Core pig.  Or, if you prefer, the fox acquitted itself of eating the hens in the hen-house.

Excerpt via Bob Luebke at Civitas; emphasis added:

Earlier this week, the State Board of Education adopted proposed changes to three math courses Algebra 1, Geometry and Algebra I, now known as Math 1, Math 2 and Math 3. The changes were made to reorder and clarify the standards taught in math courses.  No doubt they were also made in response to the strong criticism the math standards received from parents and teachers about “integrated math” one of the most highly criticized elements of the math standards.

Proponents say integrated math better prepares students to solve real-world problems.  Critics say integrated math has been a nightmare for parents and students because it assumes students have a knowledge and familiarity with topics that they frequently don’t possess.   Preliminary recommendations from Academic Standards Review Commission (ASRC) favored scuttling integrated math in favor of the Minnesota Math standards — but to the surprise of many — that recommendation was not in the ASRC’s final report. Many of the changes adopted by the board are consistent recommendations made in the ASRC final report.  Interestingly, The Department of Public Instruction does also say that the changes adopted by SBE are consistent with the feedback they have received from teachers and others.  Yes, I find it hard to believe too.  Of course if you do believe it, you have to ask: why weren’t the changes made four years ago?

Yes, It should be hard to believe because it’s spin.

Changes weren’t made four years ago because Supt. June Atkinson wouldn’t hear of it.

DPI was provided with feedback from PRIOR to adoption and implementation. The feedback contained in it slammed the standards for the majority of the grades in K-12, in particular the math was pointed out to have a progression, clarity and teachability problems. DPI ignored these results.



DPI has done survey after survey on Common Core since it’s adoption, perhaps trying to get the results they want to support their narratives. Who knows.  They did one around four years ago. The results of which reflected the same flaws and issues as discovered by the Academic Standards Review Commission (ASRC).

I would disagree DPI’s final product is consistent with the ASRC. Here’s why.

Last year, DPI  conducted another set of surveys during the tenure of the ASRC.  The comments on the High School Integrated math tended to be negative. Teachers who engaged the ASRC during their listening tour wanted the Integrated math scrapped.  The findings of the ASRC were to drop Common Core math entirely. Not play with the language of it.

The article goes on to mention the re-write in play of a tuition bill at the General Assembly that will include changing the math. I’ve written about that bill recently in the article, #NCGA Unfooled By Lipstick On The Common Core Pig [Updated].




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