NC Common Core Commission Math Group Publishes A Minority Report

In case you missed it, the NC Common Core Commission punted on their assigned task last month and effectively killed the much-needed math recommendations. In killing the math recommendations, several members took turns rather aggressively attacking Dr. Ted Scheick, head of the math work group. It was an appalling scene; read the full chronicle and all related links here.

300px-CanarySince then, the Math group hasn’t taken that setback lying down.

Like the proverbial Canary in the Coal Mine, the math group has created a Minority Report and I’ve just received a copy. I turned the document into a PDF you can view here or in my Scribd ASRC repository here.

The Math Minority report is 28 pages long and divided into four sections: K-8 Analysis, High School Analysis, Focus Groups of Teachers and Other Comments. The appendices that follow are 8 pages long.

The executive summary includes the precise and thorough methodology  that lays out the areas of concern that were to be focused on, which the NCCTM recently complained again was ‘sloppy’. The report also contains all of the analysis, findings and recommendations for K-8 and for High School.

If NCCTM calls this report ‘sloppy’, then one has to ask if they’ve done their Common Core ‘Close Reading’.

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