Moms Attend Natl Conference on Social Studies

We have previously mentioned the “Council on The Social Studies” and their conference that took place last month.  The Conference was chock full of social justice sessions and media bias sessions led by a supporter of Occupy.  Well, some moms were interested to see what all of this entailed in person. The Missouri Education watchdog has reported the story of one of the attendees.

Edwin Gallatin Occupy

Teacher Edwin Gallatin was a presenter for the session Recognizing Media Bias.

Via Missouri Education WatchDog, emphasis added is mine:

Today is an overview from one of these women, “just a mom”, who has concerns about what/how her children learn in their public schools.  We’ll call her “Faith”:

My name is “Faith” and I went to the National Council for the Social Studies Conference in St. Louis. For the first time in my life I now view education as a government run endeavor. I equate it with the IRS, the DOJ and all other government agencies. Before attending this conference I did not believe this way however now, coupled with the experiences my family has had the past few years with our school district, I am convinced. I went to the conference as an educator and mom. I do not have a degree in teaching however I teach my children on a daily basis. I have also previously home schooled my children who are now in elementary and middle school.

I believe the “social studies” are the study of geography, American history, world history and American government along with other forms of government and even some economics. I left the social studies conference with the understanding that now our children are being taught about social justice, equality, tolerance, becoming community activists for social change as well as what is and isn’t fair according to someone other than me (the parent). In addition, our children are learning about being a global citizen, not an American citizen. Many of the sessions I attended were plugging the United Nations and the Rights of the Child treaty. I heard over and over again the need for the U.S. to ratify this treaty.

I will likely go all over the place in my attempt to communicate what I witnessed, understood and fear from being at this conference. The sessions were broken down by age groups starting as young as pre-K. I attended a total of 11 sessions ranging from pre-K through high school plus the keynote speaker, Representative John Lewis from Georgia. Some sessions were blatantly plugging social change issues while others embedded their ideas within the curriculum they offer.

What are 21st century learners and what are 21st century skills? 21st century thinking is all about being a global citizen using skills like engaging, collaborating, problem solving and empowering. Much of what I witnessed was meant to grab our children’s emotions like fear and anger to incite action on their part. There is no basis of truth being taught for our children to pin their thoughts to, just a push toward raw emotions. There was an overall sense that teachers need to teach students how to look at the other side of things because no one else will, especially not in the home.

I left the conference feeling like social studies teachers see themselves as rebels with a cause. I call them rebels because they see themselves as largely ignored by academia with some schools not having social studies as a daily subject; a kind of sense that others in education don’t see their true importance. I say they have a cause because they are being armed and assigned the task of creating activists for specific causes and agendas.



Background on the Social Studies “C-3 Framework”:

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  • Do you think it was fair to question someone’s professionalism in the classroom without referencing the actual presentation material? You were creeping on my Facebook page and taking my personal images and making a very one sided argument using material for YOUR agenda completely out of context! Why is it ok for you to support Right Wing causes and not ok for me to have my own political beliefs? I don’t bring any of that stuff into my classroom. If you want to discuss this further, that would be great.

    Edwin Gallatin
    Edwin Gallatin Feb 11, 2017 at 17:41
  • Do you think it was fair for me to cite another article in which a woman went to the conference?
    Yes, it was.

    Should I have reached out to you personally? Perhaps, and for that I will apologize but you weren’t the focus of the article.
    I did, however, reach out to your school for comment. They did not respond.

    Opposing Common Core is not a “right wing cause, but in characterizing it so, I thank you for admitting your causes are Left wing.

    As for ‘creeping your Facebook page’ that didn’t happen quite like you might think. The particular image in this article was sent to me, which prompted me to look closer.

    Your personal opinions are quite clear from your social media feeds but if you say they are not interfering in your lessons, that’s good. However, at that time, your students (and their parents) could see your social media too and calling Rush Limbaugh a “pill-popping wind bag” doesn’t really mesh with leading a session on ““A Fair and Balanced” Approach to Recognizing Political Bias Civics & Government.”

    LadyLiberty1885 – A.P. DIllon
    LadyLiberty1885 - A.P. DIllon Feb 12, 2017 at 9:33

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