Milgram Rips Zimba On Telling Parents to ‘Butt Out’

For a mild-mannered and polite older gentleman, Dr. James Milgram does not suffer young fools in spectacular fashion.

Recently Common Core math writer, Jason Zimba, told parents exasperated by the overly convoluted and ridiculous Common Core math to ‘butt out‘.

Too late.

Dr. James Milgram has fired both barrels at Zimba in an Op Ed at RedState.

Milgram has been a leading voice of the opposition to Common Core and was served on the ultra-secretive Common Core Validation committee.
Dr. Milgram, upon seeing the product, refused to validate the standards. Read his white paper on Common Core math that he co-authored with another Validation committee member who also refused to validate the standards, Dr. Sandra Stotsky


I don’t often get furious about the idiocies that daily emerge from the Common Core universe, but a recent statement by a lead writer of the Common Core math standards, Jason Zimba, got me there.

As I’ve noted before with Dr. Sandra Stotsky (a fellow member of the Common Core Validation Committee), the developers and promoters of Common Core have perpetrated a gigantic fraud on this country. Now Zimba wants parents to sit back and stop trying to minimize the damage.

In an article published in The Hechinger Report, Zimba addressed nationwide parental frustration at nonsensical math assignments by warning parents to do what he does with his children — basically shut up and let the teacher follow the standards. “The math instruction on the part of parents should be low,” Zimba said. “The teacher is there to explain the curriculum.” To encourage such submission, Zimba suggested, schools should consider more parental re-education about the standards.

So when a child sits for hours at the kitchen table struggling over math strategies that are counter-intuitive, inefficient, and blindingly stupid, his parents should not ease his pain and improve his education by showing him the simple and efficient way to work the problem. Rather, they should remind him that the teacher is the “expert” and then let him flounder through the rest of his K-12 career without ever learning how to actually do math.

Go read the rest of it. You won’t be disappointed.

For years, parents have been belittled, ridiculed and verbally abused by education officials in their area, by Educrats from upon high and by non-profit policy wonks who have no skin in the game other than they’re being paid for their opinions.

I’d like to issue a thank you to Dr. Milgram here. He’s pointed out one of the most arrogant and condescending themes promulgated by Common Core supporters.

That theme is the attacking of parents along the lines of  ‘you’re not an expert’.  I’ve had this particular assault launched on me time and again. I usually respond with the fact I did graduate high school and I even graduated from an esteemed four-year university.

I always end my response with the brutal truth that wonks like Zimba cannot refute — I AM AN EXPERT ON MY CHILD.