MI Senate Committee Commits Common Core Heresy

A Michigan state Senate committee has committed Common Core heresy.

They have approved a full replacement for the flawed Common Core math and English standards: pre Common Core Massachusetts standards.

Moriarty Gasp ReplacementsThat sound you just heard was the collective gasp of eduwonks, ed reformers and Common Core mouthpieces.

How dare they?

Well, this Michigan Committee seems to have a spine, but will it last?

This is one committee, not a whole legislature, and it was a party line vote — meaning the Democrats all voted against it.

Also, the eduwonks, reformers and Common Core mouthpieces are not going to let this go without making it painful.  In the article below, you can already see them queuing up the standard reply of ‘we need more time’.

Legislators should should respond to that by asking them how much time do we need to ensure Common Core has annihilated an entire generation?

Michigan Live reported:

State legislation that would force Michigan to dump the Common Core, a rigorous set of reading and math standards for K-12 students, was approved by a Senate committee Tuesday on a party-line vote.

Under the legislation, Michigan would be required to adopt standards used by Massachusetts – regarded as one of the top-performing education states – during the 2008-09 school year.

Sen. Patrick Colbeck, R-Canton, says repealing Common Core is important because the standards haven’t done enough to improve student achievement in Michigan.

“We’re going to repeal Common Core standards, which is kind of a race to the middle, and replace them with standards that actually get us to the top echelon,” said Colbeck, the bill’s sponsor. “If you review the standards, they’re solid.”

However, supporters of Common Core say the standards haven’t been in place long enough to gauge their success. It wasn’t until 2014 that Michigan rolled out a standardized test based on Common Core, the M-STEP. Repealing the standards also would prove disruptive to teachers and students, they say.


Although the legislation was approved by the committee Tuesday, it’s unclear when the measure will be taken up by the full Senate.

Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof, R-West Olive, has no timeline on the legislation, said his spokesperson, Amber McCann. Meekhof is currently focused on moving the state budget and resolving outstanding issues like the Detroit Public Schools rescue package, she said.


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