Latest State To Rebrand? Tennessee.

The headline reads, Tennessee phases out Common Core.  Makes you think the state has dropped Common Core in favor of something else, right?

Wrong. This is another rebrand.

Via The Tennessean:

State education officials approved new English and math standards Friday, marking the symbolic end of controversial Common Core standards in Tennessee.

Tennessee is the latest state to phase out Common Core, joining Indiana, Oklahoma and South Carolina.  Like its predecessors, Tennessee’s English and math standards have a new name, but still have roots in Common Core.

Meanwhile in Arkansas, the claim is being made that 65% of the Common Core math standards were changed in their revision process.

WonkaCommonCoreStandardsHey, wait a minute, haven’t Common Core supporters told us for the last five years states couldn’t make changes to the standards? Why YES, they have.

Weren’t we told that states could only add up to 15% of new material, but make no changes to the standards themselves? Why yes, we were and that’s what the public license and copyright on Common Core states.

Whenever a review commission or talk of changing Common Core has cropped up in the states, supporters have wagged their fingers, citing loss of Race To The Top funds if the standards are changed. That scenario happened here in North Carolina. See presentation two in this article.

Supt. Atkinson herself has made the claim to legislators that Common Core cannot be changed and only added to. Yet here is DPI changing Common Core.

As an added bit of irony, DPI appears to be using the recommendations put forth by the Academic Standards Review Commission — the same recommendations that were shot down in bizarre style at the last meeting of the commission.

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