Hilarious defense of CCSS by Fayetteville Observer editors

I literally laughed out loud while reading a Fayetteville Observer editorial that defends Common Core State Standards.  Take the following characterization of the opposition to Common Core:

Pay even less heed to the voices being raised in opposition to the standards now being applied. The arguments boil down to these few: (1) This is new. (2) It’s different. (3) Understanding it requires thinking. (4) Its success is not guaranteed. (5) It will cost money. You will rarely find a weaker set of sputtered protests against standards whose purpose is to graduate students better prepared for community college and university admission and rewarding work in a global economy.

If you want an outline of concerns about Common Core, read “60 Questions About Common Core: Answers for North Carolinians.”  Of the five “arguments” listed by Fayetteville Observer editors, only #5 is mentioned because WE HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH IT WILL COST TO IMPLEMENT COMMON CORE.  Of course, that is merely a minor detail for big government liberals and their pet projects.

But, hey, I’m just one of those people who do not like new and different things that require thinking.


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