Gov McCrory, what are you waiting for?

Yes, there is too much testing and not enough instruction taking place in our classrooms. Gov. McCrory has made several comments about assessments, most recently in this video (remember McCrory supports Common Core):

Lady Liberty captured the comments on testing:

“The biggest piece of feedback that I hear from teachers is, ‘they’re not letting us teach anymore. We’re just giving tests.’. We’re gonna.. we’re gonna end this duplication of testing. Which neither helps the students nor allows the teacher to teach.”

I have heard from many teachers, Common Core and testing take the fun out of learning. Teachers are becoming facilitators and our children are losing valuable instruction time.

Gov. McCrory, what are you waiting for? You have the power to get us out of SBAC. Although the General Assembly used the power of the purse to block us from SBAC assessments, we remain a governing state. By the way, there was wide participation in the pilot SBAC testing last year and no transparency on how the field tests were funded. Where’s your plan to stop the assessments? Why do you continue to support Common Core?