Gates Backed Massachusetts “Education Non-Profit” Seeks to Silence Voter Voices

Bill Gates Dead CatYou cannot swing a dead cat these days without hitting a Bill Gates funded “Education Non-Profit” these days.

Case in point, what is happening in Massachusetts with their ballot question. The Massachusetts Business Alliance (MBA) recently filed an appeal to block Massachusetts voters from voting on whether or not to keep the controversial Common Core standards.

Massachusetts voters should be asking the question: Who is funding this lawsuit?

MBA over the last four years has been largely Gates backed, with three grants. The most recent one is in 2015 for $350k attributed to “operating expenses”. Are lawsuits part of “operating expenses”?

Of note, there is a  huge list of MBA contributors at the end of this document. Perhaps these contributions are funding the hiring of a very pricey law firm aimed at silencing voter voices?

A check of MBA’s IRS 990 filings shows the following:

FY 2015 – 350K from Gates, 859,200 in contributions
FY 2014 – No Gates Donation, 777,250 in contributions
FY 2013 – 250k from Gates, 455,705 in contributions
FY 2012 – 151,431 from Gates, 255,563 in contributions

Let’s look at the plaintiffs in this suit.

Stephanie Gray
President of Mass. PTA.
Robert Antonucci
Former Education Commissioner for Mass (in the 90’s).
Bill Walczak
On Board of MBA, VP Community Relations Shawmut Design & Construction
Codman Academy Charter School
Diane Kelly
New superintendent of Revere Schools.
B. John Dill
Cole Brook Real Estate.

Kalimah Rahim
English teacher. Big love for the PARCC.
Cited in the Boston Globe in 2015.
April West
Had a hard time finding this one.  She is a principal at Berkshire Arts Technology School.

Beverly Holmes
Sr. VP at MassMutual Financial
Appointed to Elementary and Secondary board in 2008 by the governor. (Gov. Deval Patrick appointee)
More here.
Jacinthe Albani
Board of Mass. PTA.
Vanessa Calderon- Rosado
Also former member of Elementary and Secondary board. (Gov. Deval Patrick appointee)
Extensive Bio here.
 * This article has been updated.
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  • This is how educated parents, teachers and taxpayers have uncovered the secret truth of the federal overtaking of MA education….by following the money. Race To The Top and the Gates Foundation, and Pearson, ACHIEVE and organizations like MA Business Alliance, they’re all in it for the money. But MA parents, teachers and taxpayers say enough is enough. Common Core in MA is a dumbed-down version of our state standards that we spent billions of dollars on during ed. reform years to make the best in the country. The Stop Common Core initiative has followed all the legal procedures to bring this question to the voters in November of 2016. MA Business Alliance has 3 quarters of a million dollars to lose if we win, I’d say follow the money as to why they’re challenging this legal question.

    Kelly O’Rourke
    Kelly O'Rourke Jan 29, 2016 at 17:49
  • They claim that the ballot question is “vaguely worded”? How about this for being clear….we want to get rid of Common Core! We want to get rid of the standards, the test and while we are at it, I want to get rid of the word “rigorous” from the description of our standards, and the term “college ready”. I want my kids to get a well rounded education that makes them excited to learn, question the world and discover their passion. Is that clear enough for you Bill Gates funded, pro Common Core people?!!!!

    Linda Gioscia
    Linda Gioscia Jan 29, 2016 at 20:13
  • I want to help any way I can, phone calls, emails. collecting signatures, speaking’s, etc. I can’t help financially but I live in Groveland Massachusetts and I have been fighting common core almost 3 years now..and now we are dealing with ESSA!!!!! Please feel free to contact me any time.

    Paula Bonasoro
    Paula Bonasoro Feb 17, 2016 at 19:18
  • Get in touch with End Common Core Massachusetts:

    LadyLiberty1885 – A.P. DIllon
    LadyLiberty1885 - A.P. DIllon Feb 19, 2016 at 7:29

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