The F-Bomb Testimony In Alabama

At a hearing before the Alabama Senate Education Committee there was some feather ruffling as the F-bomb was dropped during testimony.  How and why did that happen? Becky Gerritson read an excerpt from the The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison. You might recognize Gerritson, has she has testifed in front of Congress on the IRS targeting of conservative groups. Gerritson penned an article about her testimony, of which this is an excerpt via ConservativeHQ:

My testimony focused on the most widely used 11th grade literature textbook in Alabama.  It’s called The American Experience: 1900-Present by Prentice Hall.  It clearly states “Common Core Edition” on the cover.  Most likely, it’s being used in your state as well.

Dr. Terrance Moore, professor of History from Hillsdale College, dedicated an entire chapter in his book calledStory Killers to this very textbook.  He does a superb job detailing the misrepresentation of America’s founding, its anti-American themes, and its obvious political bias, as well its mediocre methods of teaching literature.  During my testimony I listed a few of these examples.   

I then went on to mention something that was not covered in Dr. Moore’s critique of textbook and that was its promotion of pornography.  Author Toni Morrison and the titles of several of her books are promoted on page 1095.  One of her books listed is called The Bluest Eye.  It’s recommended reading for 11th graders.

The Bluest Eye is the story of an 8-year old black girl.  This book is about rape, incest, and pedophilia.  One of the characters is a priest who likes having sex with little girls and the scenes are graphically described.  

The depictions are from the perpetrators point of view.  The author wanted the reader to feel as though they were a “co-conspirator” with the rapist.  She describes the pedophilia, rape, and incest as “friendly,” “innocent,” and “tender,” but never as wrong.

For years, we’ve been telling our legislators that many of the Common Core recommended books are inappropriate, but they have refused to listen. So I decided to read six sentences from an edited excerpt of The Bluest Eye. 


This is her testimony below. Fair warning on Language.

Becky Gerritson Testifying before the Common Core Hearing at the State House March 11, 2014 from Wetumpka Tea Party on Vimeo.

The Bluest Eye was also mentioned at the NC General Assembly’s Common Core LRC meeting where public comment was given. The local media mocked people for mentioning it, yet didn’t bother to mention in their articles that this book is indeed on the NC recommended Text Exemplars list. The other book mentioned by Gerritson, The American Experience: 1900-Present by Prentice Hall, is not located on the DPI Text Exemplars list for NC.

If you wish to see what Prentice Hall is putting out for North Carolina, you can do so via PEARSON’S site.  The items on the page there require you download and execute the file. Under language arts, this file matches up to the book described by Gerritson: The American Experience ©2000 (Gr. 11), Win

Parents would not know this book is being used unless they went off the DPI site, onto Pearson’s and searched for it.  What’s more, in order to figure out Pearson had this file, I had to Google for “American Experience, Prentice Hall, North Carolina”.

Once you made it to the Pearson site, the person would then would have to download and execute the file.  I attempted to do so. The file would execute and ask if I wanted to extract the files, but it would time out while actually retrieving them. The end result was I had to kill the process in the control panel because it kept timing out and would not complete the task. I never got the documents packed in that file but will continue to try.  If anyone out there reading this has managed to extract the files, please email me at


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