Don’t believe the headlines. Missouri likely just got a Common Core Rebrand.

Headlines in various outlets are claiming Missouri has dumped Common Core.  For example, the St. Louis Dispatch’s headline reads, Missouri education officials replace Common Core standards.


While Anne Gassel, a leader of the Missouri Coalition Against Common Core who also worked on the middle and high school math panel, believes the new standards are an improvement, she has quibbles. The English standards still are similar to Common Core, she said, and the final product is too different from what work groups had recommended that the board adopt.

“Whether they’re the same as Common Core or not was not what was really critical to us,” Gassel said. “What was critical to us was that there was a process in place that would allow the state to set its own standards.”

Once again, the headlines are wrong.

Allowing districts to set up their own standards means Common Core will likely be the choice and the revisions are likely just a rehash of Common Core.

What Missouri did was set up workgroups that were packed with Common Core true believers. Those true believers then crowded out any opposition members. It was an ugly series of meetings, which Missouri Education Watchdog chronicled in multiple articles.

Truth In American Education picked up on this turn of events. The site has an article that includes some of Missouri Education Watchdog’s articles on these workgroups.

Truth In American Education notes they haven’t seen these new standards yet, but this is likely ‘warmed over Common Core’. In other words, a rebrand.

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