CT Moves To Align Social Studies To Common Core

Connecticut is moving to align their Social Studies to the Common Core and C3 Framework.

Via SeattlePI.com:

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — Connecticut is taking the first steps toward changing how elementary, middle and high school students learn social studies, tying lessons more closely to critical thinking about government and the economy.

The state board of education approved a statement Wednesday giving school districts guidance on developing a social studies curriculum that prepares students to enter a “globally competitive workforce” where economics, geography, technology and culture play a role.


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Dianna Roberge-Wentzell, chief academic officer of the Connecticut Department of Education, said a major change in the direction of social studies teaching followed the recent release of recommendations by the National Council on the Social Studies. Known as the “College, Career and Civic Life Framework,” or C3, the initiative was devised by social studies teachers and others in states and backed by professional organizations representing civics, economics, geography and history.

Parents in Connecticut and elsewhere that this C3 Framework is being implemented need to know more about it – a lot more.
The C3 Framework is created by The National Council On The Social Studies. I delved into them last year and wrote about their annual conference and outlined what their C3 framework entails. What I found was pretty disturbing. I’m not the only mom who thought so. The following are the related articles:

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