Contrary To Supporter Claims, Common Core Is Increasing The Achievement Gap

Common Core supporters have claimed many things about the controversial standards, one such claim is that is will close the achievement gap for minority and low income students as well as students with disabilities.

Test results from the last few years under the standards do not back that claim, but rather are displaying an increase of such an achievement gap.

Dover Post Reported:

According to Department of Education officials African Americans showed 22 percent proficiency in math and 36 percent proficiency in English. Hispanics scored 40 percent proficiency in English and 29 percent in math.

Whites on the other hand scored an average 64 percent in English and 51 percent in math. Asian Americans scored the highest at 73 percent proficiency in math and 80 percent in English.

Students with disabilities scored 15 percent proficiency in English; 10 percent in math. Low income students scored 23 percent in math and 35 percent in English.

The test was also a challenge for students who are still learning English. They scored 15 percent proficiency in both math and English.

Officials said these numbers aren’t too surprising since this a trend on a national level. They did, however, state that this is a sign there’s more work to do in terms of closing the achievement gap.

Instead of asking the question, is Common Core perhaps racially biased, it seems education officials differ to the standard talking point that there is always “more work to do” when it comes to closing the achievement gap.

No Child Left Behind was supposed to close the gap, but arguably made it worse.

It was suggested more money was needed, yet when more funding was provided via Race To The Top, yet the achievement gap still did not close. More money has proven to not be the answer, but rather how the money is actually spent.

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