Common Core…What’s That?

Despite frenzied debate in education policy circles over Common Core, the reality is that most Americans do not even know what it is.

That’s right: the new 45th annual PDK/Gallup Poll of the Public’s Attitudes Toward the Public Schools (conducted this May of 1001 Americans 18 or older) reveals a majority of Americans have never even heard of Common Core. Specifically, 62 percent of poll respondents did not have any knowledge of the standards. PDK/Gallup’s results, highlighted in a report from William Bushaw and Shane Lopez, found:

Almost two of three Americans have never heard of the Common Core State Standards, arguably one of the most important education initiatives in decades, and most of those who say they know about the Common Core neither understand it nor embrace it.

Even more astounding: a majority (55 percent) of public school parents had never heard of Common Core.

The problem for Common Core supporters isn’t just that parents and the public are uninformed. Even those who do know about and understand the standards do not feel optimistic about Common Core’s ability to catapult American education ahead of our competitors on the global stage. According to the report:

Among the third who had heard of the Common Core, only four of 10 said the standards can help make education in the United States more competitive globally; a majority said the standards will make the U.S. less competitive or have no effect.

Check out the responses from the poll here and the press release here. And rest assured, as the report notes: “The battle continues.”

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