Common Core Action Items

Don’t like Common Core?

Want to know what you can do about it?

Locate Others
Connect with other parents, educators, friends or neighbors. Leverage social media. A good place to meet other parents is in your child’s class. Send out an email or call them. Invite them over to discuss Common Core. You might be surprised to see how many of them have the same concerns you do. Relationships may materialize slowly, but don’t give up. Keep at it.

Mobilize Supporters
Once you find parents who want to get involved, mobilize them. Write letters to your Board of Education, the Superintendent, and your local Representatives. Make your case in a letter. Make it personal, be firm but be polite; this is your child’s future and your tax dollars at stake. Follow it up with a phone call and ask questions to learn more about what the individual knows and his or her position. Follow up with targeted information. Student assignments and original sourced documentation such as Dr. Stotsky white papers (see resources page) are most effective. Persevere. Keep at it -until you get a response.

Engage the Media
One of the biggest missed stories has been the stealthy implementation of Common Core. The media either was shut out or missed the boat when it came to Common Core. Don’t let it happen again. Write clear, factual opinion pieces and send them to your local paper. Send copies to all of your local officials. Encourage your friends, family and other contacts to do the same. Keep at it.

Be Prepared
Keep a set of Stop Common Core NC fliers handy. Tuck a few in your car or a card in your pocket. You never know when that an off hand conversation at your child’s sporting event will occur or when you’ll run into another parent at the store and discover they are upset over Common Core. Don’t be discouraged if the first conversation doesn’t go anywhere. Keep at it.

You Are The Leader
The movement to stop Common Core is grassroots based and spreading across cities and towns rapidly. It is a “sleeper” election issue. Parents and citizens who choose to get involved soon discover, we ARE the leaders of the movement to Stop Common Core. Be creative and find a way to get your message out. It’s up to us. KEEP AT IT.

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