Common Core Support Has Plummeted 40% Since 2012

Education Next has performed an annual poll which shows Common Core support has cratered 40% since 2012.

Here are a few highlights, some are direct quotes from the report:

“In 2016, 50% of all those taking a side say they support the use of the Common Core standards in their state, down from 58% in 2015 and from 83% in 2013.”

“Republican backing has plummeted from 82% in 2013 to 39% in 2016. The slip among Democrats is from 86% to 60% over this time period.”

“Eighty-seven percent of teachers supported the initiative in 2013, but that fell to 54% in 2014 and to 44% in 2015, stabilizing at that level in 2016.”

The Common Core “brand” is particularly toxic to Republicans, who are 22 percentage points less likely to respond favorably when the name is mentioned, as compared to a differential of 10 percentage points among Democrats.

Alarmingly, two-thirds still support uniform standards if they aren’t called Common Core. This speaks to the number of people buying into the state-by-state effort to rebrand the standards instead of actually replacing them.

The poll sampled a large number of individuals which included 1,571 parents of school-aged kids and 609 teachers.

Here’s the chart detailing the drop in support and ‘rebrand’  support from the Education Next report:

2016 CC Support Craters - Education Next


Truth In American Education has some more nuggets from this report, including some disappointing statistics on Opting out.

Here is an excerpt:

  • 69% of the general public support the Feds requiring testing. Only 20% oppose.
  • 68% of parents support testing with 24% opposed.
  • Only 50% of teachers support testing with 46% opposed.
  • 60% of the general public opposes parental opt-outs. 25% support.
  • Among parents only 49% oppose opting out with 38% supporting opt-outs.
  • Only 52% of teachers opposed opting out with 40% supporting a parents’ right to opt their child out.
  • 63% of the general public support using the same test across states with 24% opposed.
  • 62% of parents support using the same tests across states with 25% opposed.
  • 53% of teachers support using the same tests across states with 38% opposed.

In North Carolina, End of Grade exams have been quietly Common Core aligned. Due to this quiet alignment,  parents have no clue this was done and the Opt Out movement in the state is non-existent.

This Fall, North Carolina’s Superintendent position is up for election. Parents and voters would do well do look into both the incumbent, June Atkinson, and her challenger, Mark Johnson.

One of them was a President of the CCSSO (one of two non-elected D.C. groups who pushed the standards) and has defended Common Core at every turn. Hint, it’s not the challenger.

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