Common Core is NOT Done in NC

There’s an article by Joy Pullman over at the Federalist called, Stick a Fork in Common Core – It’s Done.

Pullman lays out the various ways Common Core has crashed and burned.  It’s a long read but well worth your time. Here’s a an important excerpt, but read the whole thing:

At best, Common Core caused no educational gains.

Last week the Brookings Institution issued the preliminary autopsy in its annual major report on education. It finds that American children are receiving objectively worse academic instruction because of Common Core, in two major respects: In the increase in nonfiction their teachers are assigning, and in a nationwide decline in students taking algebra in eighth grade.

Further, it finds that Common Core has done nothing to help children learn more overall, which was one of its supporters’ major claims: “there also is no evidence that CCSS has made much of a difference during a six-year period of stagnant NAEP [National Assessment of Educational Progress] scores.” NAEP is the nation’s highest-quality set of large-scale tests, used widely by researchers as benchmarks for American kids’ abilities over time. While younger students have made some small gains on NAEP since it began in 1992, high-school graduates since then have not improved one whit. Even though its supporters promised it would, Common Core isn’t helping.

Pullman goes on to note that the Common Core supporters are now flailing around and in an attempt to save their Frankenstein Monster standards, are suggesting the NAEP now be dumbed down.

NO. If Common Core was all they said it was, after SIX YEARS, kids NAEP scores should be climbing.

AtkinsonPresElectMeanwhile in North Carolina, Common Core is not done.

It’s just being shifted around.

Under former CCSSO President and current State Superintendent June Atkinson, the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) is presenting changes to Common Core high school math to the State Board of Education this week.

Atkinson is running for re-election this year. She is the longest serving K-12 Educrat in the country. Her opponent is Mark Johnson, who claims he is not a fan of Common Core and would remove it.

What DPI  is essentially presenting is the exact same thing the Academic Standards Review Commission’s (ASRC) math workgroup put forward.  It’s mind-boggling, insulting and outrageous.

If you don’t know the back story on why this is so outrageous, understand that DPI, various non-profits and educrat led groups went to war on the ASRC math group and their recommendations.

The end result was a disgusting display of cannibalism at the ASRC’s final meeting, wherein members impugned  the ONLY math expert on the commission for the sake of killing the math recommendations.

Reminder: The State Board of Ed is meeting in Wilmington THIS WEEK.  If you are in the area, you should attend this theater.

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  • Every time you turn around you hear that we need more money and we need more time ,if common core would have been tested before putting it into the schools you would have seen that it did not work and you could have saved tax payers millions of dollars and students and teachers a lot of is time for june to hit the road , i do not believe that beverly perdue and june could have done a worse job.we need to get rid of both.

    rickey phillips
    rickey phillips Apr 16, 2016 at 9:28

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