Common Core Fighter Finds Her Group On IRS Hit List

In an article published on June 10th, Dr. Mary Grabar of Georgia chronicles how her fight against Common Core in her state landed her non-profit on the IRS Hit List of Conservative groups.

This is a must read, not just for every Common Core fighter, but for every American.


After being stonewalled for over a year, we at Dissident Prof were asked to jump to and justify our stance on, among other things, but primarily, Common Core.  I had to account for every penny spent since I started with my own funds while working as a college instructor.  The IRS did everything short of scouring the files in my office in the basement of my house where I spent hours and hours writing and setting up the organization. 

In the meantime, liberal groups like Better Georgia were inundating my inbox with appeals to turn Georgia “blue.”

Turns out that the list released this week is much longer than the original 298 identifed by the IRS inspector general in May 2013.  Lo and behold, Better Georgia is on the list! According to PJ Media, “Lawyer Edward D. Greim said the list may have added some liberal targets as it came to light the agency was being investigated for singling out suspected right-wing groups.”

So nice to add Better Georgia and a sprinkling of Occupy groups.  Doesn’t look as bad.

Go read the whole chilling thing as Dr. Grabar details how she spent her own money on the fight was scrutinized by the IRS while local education officials made use of taxpayer funded vehicles and big money groups like the Chamber of Commerce were left alone.

Here’s the IRS quote from the article; critical of her Common Core activities:

Grabar IRS Hit List Quote



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