Common Core 101 and Legislative Round-up Nationwide

The Friday edition of USA Today includes an article providing a legislative round-up of activity nationwide to address, or push back against, Common Core. The article references Common Core legislation that has advanced in the NC General Assembly, as well as legislation governors have signed in recent weeks (in South Carolina and Oklahoma) to remove the standards.

The fact that Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin has signed legislation to jettison Common Core is particularly noteworthy, as she heads the National Governors Association — one of the two groups instrumental in developing the standards. All of this activity means Common Core is crumbling, says Cato Institute’s Neal McCluskey in a recent Washington Times editorial.

And…for those of you interested in a crash course in Common Core 101, I am attaching an article I wrote for the Spring 2014 issue of Family North Carolina. The article, “Understanding Common Core: What Parents Need to Know About the National K-12 Standards”, details the history of Common Core (nationally and in North Carolina) and outlines key concerns that parents and experts have about the standards. (The article went to press before legislation was filed in the General Assembly.)

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