Christie Outright Lied About Common Core At The GOP Debate

Last night, Chris Christie really told a lot of lies.  Some were small, but some were whoppers, like saying New Jersey dumped Common Core.

Christie said, “And on Common Core, Common Core has been eliminated in New Jersey.

Wheeeeew! That’s absolutely false;  A ‘Pants on Fire’ lie.

All Christie did in New Jersey was set up some committees to review Common Core. One main committee has 24 people on it and there are several subcommittees with around 70 people on them.

One can safely bet that the only thing to come out of this committee is a rebranded version of Common Core.

Let’s take a walk though time on Chris Christie’s shifting positions on Common Core, shall we?

Chris Christie loves Common Core.  Just watch this two minute clip.

Christie kept the Common Core aligned PARCC test, but lawmakers wanted to get rid of it, however they couldn’t.
New Jersey entered into a four year contract with the company administering PARCC — which is textbook publishing giant, Pearson.

For show, Christie issued a an executive order focusing only on the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness of College and Careers (PARCC) assessments.

The committee on PARCC assessments ended up doing next to nothing.

Christie, still under pressure about testing, signed two other bills that were sent to him on high stakes testing.
Common Core was adopted in 2010 and despite the persistent and very loud public outcry,  it has Christie 5 years to perform his flip-flop to reverse his support of the standards.

Coincidentally, his push back on Common Core starts just as he gets into the Presidential race.

So, has Christie really changed his mind on Common Core? Who knows. However,  it doesn’t bode well when one tells a whopper about getting rid of Common Core at a nationally televised debate.