Changes in SAT Locks in Mediocrity

Changes in the SAT, announLocked Inced on March 5 by the College Board, adjust the test to the ongoing decline in the nation’s public schools. The new test lightens vocabulary and math and eliminates the penalty for bad guessing. The new SAT grows out of and accommodates the Common Core State Standards analyzes Peter Wood, President of the National Association of Scholars.

Mr. Wood adds, “The Common Core’s standards amount to an assault on the college curriculum. That’s because colleges will have to adapt to what the Common Core teaches–and what it fails to teach. It teaches a mechanical way of reading that is poorly suited to literature, philosophy, history, and the rest of the liberal arts.  It also fails to teach the math students need to begin a college-level curriculum in the sciences. The Common Core emphasizes “informational texts” at the expense of literature, promotes out-of-context reading, and significantly lowers expectations for students in math. It minimizes just about everything else schools might be expected to do, such as develop creativity, foster a fullness of mind, and strengthen character. “

Common Core was sold to the states as a way to make students “college ready.”  Sadly, it only makes students college ready for non-selective colleges.  So, if NC State, UNC Chapel Hill, App State, or ECU are among your child’s top choices, then be prepared to supplement with “enrichment” courses outside the high school building.

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