U.S. Catholic Bishops Advise Caution and Review of Common Core Standards

Council of BishopsHope is in the air! The U.S. Council of Catholic Bishops issued a statement citing Common Core State Standards are by “its nature incomplete as it pertains to Catholic schools” and advising “review, study, consultation, discussion and caution.” They reaffirm the importance of Catholic mission in our schools and the “fundamental right” of parents as first educators of their children to “choose the formative tools that support their convictions and fulfill their duty as the first educators.” The bishops’ statement is a turning point long awaited by Catholic parents and the Cardinal Newman Society fighting against Common Core in Catholic education.

Just in time for North Carolina! This week House Bill 1061 was filed in the General Assembly to repeal the Common Core Standards and replace them with our own N.C. Standards! Specifically the bill forms a committee to create our own N.C. standards thereby returning sole authority of education standards to the State Board of Education.  N.C. would regain its local control of education and eliminate federal overreach!

The U.S. Catholic Bishops, following the principle of subsidiarity, note that the decision about the standards rests at the local diocesan level.  Subsidiarity also includes involvement of parents and teachers in this decision. Lest we forget that Catholic schools are not required to adopt or “adapt” all or part of the standards.  House Bill 1061 and USCCB’s statement provide the impetus to revisit the decision made by the Diocese of Raleigh to integrate Common Core Standards in our diocesan Catholic schools. Now is the best time to let Bishop Burbidge know your thoughts about the Common Core Standards.Catholic Diocese of Raleigh

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