On the SAT, David Coleman Pulls A Wizard of Oz

David Coleman and the College Board are pulling another Wizard of Oz impression. Apparently, the College Board has announced that they are banning non-students from taking the new SAT.  This includes people who work for Test Prep companies, according to the site, Chronicle of Higher Education. The College Board says the need for better test […]

VA Governor Vetoes Common Core Bill

Virginia’s Governor has vetoed a bill that sought to require legislator approval before the state’s board of education could adopt standards like that of Common Core. Washington Post: Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe on Tuesday vetoed a bill that would have required the state Board of Education to seek approval from the General Assembly to adopt […]

NC State Board of Ed To Hear Common Core Recommendations

Next Wednesday and Thursday is when the North Carolina State Board of Education will hold their monthly meeting. The recommendations  from the Academic Standards Review Commission (ASRC) that were passed in December will finally be discussed at Wednesday’s meeting.  The recommendations were handed off to the Student Learning and Achievement committee, which has two members: […]

Michigan Legislator To File Bill Repealing Common Core

A legislator in Michigan his his sights set on repealing Common Core. Let’s hope Michigan has learned from the failures of other states to remove Common Core and just writes legislation that doesn’t mess around with the charade of a commission or review panel. Just straight up rip out Common Core. Or nuke it from orbit, it’s […]

DoDEA Schools Using Rebranded Common Core; Hope Military Families Too Dumb to Figure it Out

A narrative produced by Pro-Common Core groups and proliferated by the CCSSO, Achieve, Military groups tied to Gates funded “non-profits” and the media is that somehow, Common Core makes it better for military children to get an education. The idea is that if they move from state to state, they will get the same education because […]

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