Remember Common Core? It’s still in North Carolina.

Despite what you hear in the media or from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (DPI), Common Core is still alive and well in the state.  What DPI has done over the past five years in order to kill the firestorm surrounding the standards is rebrand them under the name ,The North Carolina Essential Standards’. DPI […]

WikLeaks Drops Clinton Speech Excerpts: Common Core Was “A Political Failure”

On Friday, WikiLeaks dropped documents pertaining to Hillary Clinton surrogate, John Podesta. Along with those documents was a collection of excerpts from her paid speeches of which Mrs. Clinton has refused to release. The speech excerpts are indexed and there is a section on Education. Specifically, she calls Common Core a political disaster. Clinton incorrectly […]

6 Years Later, Common Core is still Age and Developmentally Inappropriate

Many parents fighting Common Core have pointed out how age and developmentally inappropriate Common Core is in the elementary grades. Six years later, nothing has changed. Parents protecting their kids by opposing the standards were openly ridiculed and, in many cases, intimidated into silence. As a parent of a child who entered Kindergarten the same […]

Professor: 9/11 Lessons left out due to Common Core

An interview with Jeremy Stoddard, an associate professor of Education at William & Mary, has revealed that due to the C3 Social Studies Framework and Common Core, lessons on 9/11 are being left out. Stoddard has been studying how the 9/11 terrorist attacks have been taught in high school classrooms since 2003. Stoddard has been […]

After five years of Common Core, ACT scores show no sign of ‘College Readiness’

Recent ACT scores indicate that after five years of Common Core in most states, the standards have done little to improve ‘college readiness’.  It also appears the achievement gap for minorities is getting worse. When reading the following excerpt, remember that Common Core standards are only in Math and English Language arts. However, many states […]

ICYMI – WikiLeaks DNC Emails Show Democrats Dodging Common Core

Near the end of July, WikiLeaks released 19,252 emails and 8,034 attachments from the Democratic National Committee (DNC).   No topic seems to have escaped mention in these DNC emails and attachments, including Common Core. In one email exposed by WikiLeaks, staffers listed education items and talking points. The first item on the list was common […]

Will The Senate Stab The Nation’s Parents In The Back Again? #StopJohnKing

Tomorrow, March 14th,  the Senate will hold the confirmation vote to for acting Secretary of Education, John King. Will the Senate stab the nation’s parents in the back again like they did passing ESSA? We’ll see. Senator Alexander needs to have his way with this vote because King arguably lines up with everything Alexander has […]

How many monkeys did it take to write this NC Common Core curriculum?

Sent to me by a parent with a child in a North Carolina Kindergarten class — mind you, these are 5 and 6 year old kids. The orange marker is the teacher’s. How many monkeys did it take to write this question asking for a bananas answer?

Dear Media, W. Virginia Bill Does Not Repeal Common Core

On Friday, West Virginia legislators passed HB 4014.  The bill is 29 pages long and has quite a lot in it. News outlets are using the words ‘repeals Common Core’ with regards to the bill. But does it actually do that? Last year West Virginia lawmakers filed HB 2184 and then at the end of […]

More Actions against APUSH

The new AP US History Framework and exam are being implemented this school year. If you are just getting up to speed with the changes, there are several blog entries I will link to at he bottom of this post. Patrick Jakeway writes at American Thinker, College Board Erases the […]