Author: Terry Stoops

NCGA to study Common Core

Senator Tom Apodaca and Representative Tim Moore, chairs of the Legislative Research Commission, announced that the North Carolina General Assembly will form a Common Core study committee. The Legislative Research Commission (LRC) Study Committee on Common Core State Standards will include the following members: Senate: Soucek (Chair), Barefoot, Daniel, Nesbitt, Newton, Parmon, Tillman, and Apodaca […]

Hilarious defense of CCSS by Fayetteville Observer editors

I literally laughed out loud while reading a Fayetteville Observer editorial that defends Common Core State Standards.  Take the following characterization of the opposition to Common Core: Pay even less heed to the voices being raised in opposition to the standards now being applied. The arguments boil down to these few: (1) This is new. […]

Atkinson continues to insult opponents of Common Core

In an op-ed published in the latest Carolina Journal (and recently online), I wrote, But many Common Core proponents have little interest in engaging their critics in reasoned debate. Even the most substantive concerns will not escape the mudslinging fury of some local, state, and national pundits, who prefer to belittle and demean their detractors […]

NYT on data collection and inBloom

In an article published this weekend, the New York Times explored the issue of data collection and privacy concerns.  The following quote from Bob Wise, a former governor of West Virginia who is affiliated with data collection and storage nonprofit inBloom, was somewhat troubling: Do you want to take your child to the doctor and […]

Obamacare IT glitches foreshadow Common Core testing?

According to an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, President Obama is bracing Americans for inevitable problems as the Affordable Care Act rolls out this week, but what he calls “glitches” are hardly routine. Information technology is ObamaCare’s Achilles’ heel. The faulty IT will expose Americans to lost data, attempts to enroll online that fail […]

N&O editors go after critics, not criticism, of Common Core

I point out in my new Q&A publication, “60 Questions About Common Core: Answers for North Carolinians,” that Common Core proponents have a tendency to scoff at, rather than address the concerns of, their detractors.  53. How do Common Core proponents address criticism of the standards? Unfortunately, proponents increasingly accuse critics of Common Core of […]

FYI: DPI office supply budget = nearly $375,000

Last week, Superintendent of Public Instruction June Atkinson asked Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest to supply 10,000 sheets of paper to the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) to fulfill his request for information about the Common Core State Standards. sells copy paper for $5.79 per ream (500 sheets).  The 10,000 sheets requested by Atkinson would […]

State budget includes Common Core provision

The North Carolina General Assembly inserted a provision in the final budget (pdf) that would require legislative approval to implement Common Core tests. SECTION 9.2.(b) Notwithstanding the provisions of G.S. 115C-174.11(c), the State Board of Education shall report to the Joint Legislative Education Oversight Committee prior to the purchase and implementation of a new assessment […]

EAG Launches Common Core Watch

Education Action Group (EAG) recently launched a new website, Common Core Watch, that does a good job of aggregating news stories about CCSS.  Check it out. In fact, if you do not follow Kyle Olson and his colleagues at EAG, I highly recommend that you do.

The Common Core Debate in NC

Good advice… “Here’s a pro-tip for Checker [Chester E. Finn, Jr.] and Common Core’s deep-pocketed backers… As opposition to Common Core grows in state legislatures and schools around the country, don’t dismiss those critics as crazies from your perch in DC.” – Jay Greene, University of Arkansas, “The End of the Beginning for Common Core” […]

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