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How To Make Your AC Less Prone To Air Conditioner Servicing The most important thing for the AC in your house is the general maintenance for the AC, since so many electronic wares are very sensitive and thus needing the more air conditioner service on The electronic wares are Continue Reading

Common Core Math Writer To Parents: Butt Out

It’s so awesome when an educrat tells a parent their child isn’t their business, isn’t it? This is precisely what Common Core lead math writer, Jason Zimba, did recently. He’s cited in an article at the Heckinger Report called,  “Back off parents: It’s not your job to teach Common Core math Continue Reading

New Mexico Ed Secretary is Now Common Core PARCC Chair

New Mexico’s Education Secretary, Hannah Skandera, has quietly been named the new chair of the PARCC  governing boards.  The PARCC is one of the two Common Core testing consortia. Skandera has replaced Mitchell Chester. Mercedes Schneider caught this change recently, noting there was no formal press release: At some point in November 2015, Continue Reading