Author: Nina Rizzo

Catholic Schools and Common Core

Over 100 Roman Catholic dioceses across the nation, including the Diocese of Raleigh, have adopted Common Core Standards for math and English.  It’s unclear why Catholic schools, with a proven academic track record that is the envy of all would adopt inferior, untested standards of secular institutions.  The hallmark of Catholic education is forming individuals […]

More U.S. Legislators Join the Fight to Tackle Common Core & Databases

Thanks to parents’ perseverance, eight additional U.S. Senators have joined Sen. Grassley to take up the cause to defund the federal government’s role in the Common Core Standards and Curriculum.  These senators recognize that parents and teachers, not federal education bureaucrats, should determine how and what children learn. They agree that the federal government has […]

How One Parent is Using the Common Core Opt-Out Form

Courtesy of Truth in Education, parents can now “attempt” to exercise their parental rights to protect their children from the tentacles of Common Core State Standards.  Parents can use the CCSS Parent Opt-Out form to express their desires to their child’s school.  However, it’s doubtful that the school can honor the request, especially since there […]

There’s No Opting Out of Common Core

The U.S. Department of Education established a review panel for the design of assessment tests for the Common Core State Standards.  This confirms suspicions that Common Core is a federal curriculum for America’s schools.  Students in charter and private schools, as well as homeschoolers, basically have no choice but to learn what Uncle Sam deems […]

Are Home-Schooled Students Safe from Common Core?

An integral part of Common Core Standards is the development of a national database of student-specific data.  Included in the database would be detailed information about learning disabilities and academic records collected soon after birth until college graduation. A national database threatens the privacy of students and may lead to abuse by government officials or […]

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