Author: Nina Rizzo

New Year’s Regrets for Catholic Bishops

“Hold on before you enter into something you will end up regretting,” cautions the Motley Monk writing for the American Catholic to the nation’s Catholic bishops about their decision to “adapt” Common Core Standards in Catholic schools. The Cardinal Newman Society (CNS), examining the Common Core curriculum found books celebrating family “diversity” that includes homosexual […]

Common Core Equation: Control Standards + Control Assessments = Control Education

Will Common Core affect private and homeschool? Education reporter, Missy Pickel reports on an expert’s review of the evidence. Although private and homeschool curriculum are not mandated by Common Core, those students will be impacted when searching for colleges.   The alliance between Common Core designers and publishing company CTB/McGraw Hill and the College Board executives […]

‘Catholic Is Our Core’ Launched to Address Concerns about Common Core in Catholic Schools

The Cardinal Newman Society (CNS), responding to the threat of Common Core on Catholic identity has launched the “Catholic Is Our Core” project. In a statement CNS advises “caution before Catholic schools adopt untested, secular standards”: “Most troubling in the public debate about whether Catholic schools should adopt the Common Core is that parents, whom the Church […]

Sexually-Perverse Literature Pollutes the School Environment

Why is sexually perverse literature being systematically included in the CCSS approved reading list? Mary Jo Anderson at Crisis Magazine chronicles problems with the Common Core reading list that includes ninth graders having to read Toni Morrison’s Bluest Eye that is banned from several school districts for its explicit depiction of rape, incest, sexual violence and […]

Why Choose a Catholic Education When Tidbits of Catholic Teaching are “Adapted” to Lesson Plans

Why choose a Catholic education for your child today when Catholic schools, with the adoption of Common Core, are like public schools that charge tuition and insert cues about church teaching into their lesson plans?  “Catholic education ceases to exist” if Catholic schools adopt Common Core writes Theology professor, David Bonagura at St. Joesph seminary.  […]

Common Core’s Vision of Marriage: Rest in Peace

Have you ever considered how much better life would be if your spouse died unexpectedly?  In Prentice-Hall’s Literature:  The American Experience, Vol 1, Common Core there is a short story by Kate Chopin called “The Story of an Hour. The Teacher’s Edition directs how it will be taught: [Mrs. Mallard gets the unexpected news that […]

Add the Diocese of Gaylord to the list of Dioceses rejecting Common Core.  This continues the trend of dioceses removing Common Core from Catholic schools.  Recently the Dioceses of Green and Madison announced their decision to purge their schools from Common Core. Charles Taylor, the superintendent of Catholic Schools of Gaylord (Michigan), explained why diocesan schools will not […]

Common Core Builds a Society that is an Iron Cage

How many times have we been told that Common Core is not a curriculum?!  Standards drive curriculum!  Catholic Education Daily revealed that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has spent more than $10 million to create Common Core-compliant curricula demonstrating “the foundation’s intent to reach far beyond broad educational standards…to remake America’s schools.” Parents are […]

Father Stravinskas: Catholic Schools DO NOT NEED Common Core

Catholics are divided over the new Common Core Standards.  Catholic school superintendents are caught up in a fierce debate over whether federal education standards adopted by 45 states and 100 Catholic dioceses are appropriate for Catholic schools.  Father Peter Stravinskas, executive director of the Catholic Education Foundation, hosted a conference on “Catholic Concerns About the […]

‘Our Common Core is Our Catholic Faith’

Cardinal Newman Society president Patrick J. Reilly appeared on EWTN’s “The World Over with Raymond Arroyo” to discuss the consequences of adopting the Common Core standards on Catholic identity of Catholic schools. Reilly stated emphatically that Common Core is “something that we don’t want, and it’s something that we don’t need.” He stated: “Our Common Core is the […]

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