Author: Nina Rizzo

Crony Capitalism and Common Core

Is Common Core a “federal takeover” of education or “state-led” initiative?  Neither, It’s “Crony Capitalism!” Common Core is a plan “to bypass the legislative process and parent’s authority in order to push the agenda of a few trade-corporations and progressive-minded elitists, with the help of the federal government and money-hungry governors,” explains Emmett McGroarty, executive […]

“Dear John” Letter for Common Core

The most frequent question I’m asked today is, “Do you know if there are local schools that “Don’t” use Common Core?”  Yes, but they are all private with a price tag that exceeds what most families can afford.  Cary Academy is a Common Core free zone.  Tuition runs over $19,000 a year. Curious enough is […]

Common Core Being Used to Dictate School Curricula

How many times have we heard that Common Core is not a curriculum? The new partnership between Bill Gates’ Microsoft and Pearson, one of the world’s leading education companies will provide the first curriculum built for a digital personalized learning environment that is 100 percent aligned to the new standards for college and career readiness.  This […]

“Top Ten” Fixes for Common Core Standards

Despite the fact that Common Core State Standards are inconsistent with the mission and methods of Catholic education, Catholic schools in 100 Dioceses have voluntarily (without federal bribery) embraced the Standards. Ten actions steps are recommended by Dr. Dan Guernsey to moderate the damage on Catholic education.  Teachers in a public, charter, private or parochial […]

Common Core Opponents Wise to the Foxes

Opposition to the Common Core is surging because as a citizenry we are becoming wise to the foxes who tell us, “If you like your local control of education, you can keep it. Period.” To which we respond, “No. Period.” George Will notes that opposition to Common Core is viewed by Washington as “small as the […]

Will N.C. Elect Jeb Bush Common Core Clones?

“Follow the money” is one of the main reasons why some foundations such as Gates Foundation, NCEA, and NEA promote the vapid Common Core Standards. Education professor Denise Donohue of Ave Maria University finds that with the implementation of the new evaluation instruments to be in excess of hundreds of thousands of dollars. The assessments […]

Common Core a 2014 Campaign Issue

Thank goodness!  Common Core becomes a campaign issue in the 2014 elections, front and center!!  Republican activist Sheri Few announced Friday that she’s running for South Carolina schools superintendent on a platform of blocking education standards known as Common Core. Few said as schools chief she would “use every resource available at my disposal to make […]

Wise, Not so much!

It’s been about a year now since I first learned about the attempt to nationalize education with Common Core as well as the horrifying news that Catholic schools chose to adapt this educational morass.  The National Catholic Education Association came out in support of it, because the NCEA is only the National Education Association, with a […]

The Brave New World of Common Core

We were shocked when we first heard Melissa Harris Perry tell us that are children are not our own, but rather they are owned by the collective: “We have to break through our private idea that kids belong to their parents or kids belong to their families. Once we realize this we’ll make “better investments.”  […]

My Brain is Common-Core Trained

I’m beginning to suspect that this Newsday story reporting the opinions of students on the merits of Common Core is frighteningly similar to the submissive housewives in Stepford.  Read the comments by a 5th grader.  Have those comments been prepared for this student or not?  You be the judge. 5th grade, Hicksville: “Common Core has […]

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