Author: Nina Rizzo

Catholic Education Ceases to Exist with Common Core

With the adoption of Common Core, “Catholic education ceases to exist” warns David G. Bonagura, Jr. teacher of theology at St. Joseph’s Seminary in New York. Instead, parents will be left to choose between public schools and schools with uniforms and religion classes, which charge tuition. Catholic schools must reclaim their pedagogy and identity by […]

Pope Francis Calls for an End to “Educational Experiments”

Common Core poses harm to Catholic education, especially as it violates the principle of subsidiarity — human events are best handled at the lowest possible level, closest to the individuals affected by the decisions being made. … Now, Pope Francis backs up the concerns of Catholic-school parents in an interview on Vatican Radio calling for […]

Join the Fight to Stop Common Core North Carolina Catholic Schools

Over 1,000 concerned Catholic parents in the Milwaukee Archdiocese signed a petition to remove Common Core from their Catholic schools. Catholic parents are frustrated that school standards were changed without parental involvement or notification. Common Core standards threaten the independence and values of Catholic schools. The mission of Catholic Schools is to get children into […]

U.S. Catholic Bishops Advise Caution and Review of Common Core Standards

Hope is in the air! The U.S. Council of Catholic Bishops issued a statement citing Common Core State Standards are by “its nature incomplete as it pertains to Catholic schools” and advising “review, study, consultation, discussion and caution.” They reaffirm the importance of Catholic mission in our schools and the “fundamental right” of parents as […]

Catholic School Principals: Buyer Beware

I’ve been noticing many ads targeting Catholic schools to purchase Math and English textbooks aligned to Common Core developed especially for Catholic Schools. I would wait before spending scarce funds on these Common Core textbooks.  N.C. legislative committee voted to send a bill to REPEAL Common Core Standards and create a commission to recommend new ones. “We […]

Only Use for Common Core Standards is Testing the new Paper Shredder

Imagine taking the time to actually “read” the Common Core Standards before promoting them as the solution to all our educational ills. Sara Harkins, in the Wyoming’ Star Tribune did exactly this and determined that the Common Core Standards do not live up to its hype. Below is her “spot on” evaluation that is clear […]

Parent Guide To Common Core

The Parent Guide to the Common Core is a new resource launched by the Cardinal Newman Society that includes analysis of the actual Standards for Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, and curricula and texts.  The Guide includes a fact sheet, answers to frequently asked questions, and articles about nationalization of education, testing, and the Bill […]

Common Care is “ANTI-Teacher”

Common Core, at its “core,” disrespects and distrusts teachers.  It’s a program that institutionalizes the lack of trust in teachers’ capabilities and so must prescribe a strict set of specific content standards.  “Common Core State Standards are inherently anti-teacher writes Kris Nielsen. Autonomy in teaching is dead.  The Common Core was not written by teachers; the authors […]

Changes in SAT Locks in Mediocrity

“Changes in the SAT, announced on March 5 by the College Board, adjust the test to the ongoing decline in the nation’s public schools. The new test lightens vocabulary and math and eliminates the penalty for bad guessing. The new SAT grows out of and accommodates the Common Core State Standards analyzes Peter Wood, President […]

Tar Heel Catholics Against Common Core

Yesterday, I attended the N.C. Legislative Study Committee on Common Core.  Mom and mom gave gut wrenching testimony about the disastrous effects of developmentally inappropriate standards and nonstop testing on their child’s psyche — high anxiety and loss of confidence.  A nine-year old girl spoke letting us know how she pleaded to be homeschooled.  At the […]

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