DoDEA Schools Using Rebranded Common Core; Hope Military Families Too Dumb to Figure it Out

A narrative produced by Pro-Common Core groups and proliferated by the CCSSO, Achieve, Military groups tied to Gates funded “non-profits” and the media is that somehow, Common Core makes it better for military children to get an education. The idea is that if they move from state to state, they will get the same education because […]

Pearson Is Everywhere: SC Test Takers Get ‘Retroactive’ Passage on GED

Welcome back to Pearson is Everywhere. Last time, it was noted that the GED ‘recalibrated‘ their passing scores. The ramifications of such a ‘recalibration’ were huge as reported in South Carolina. Post and Courier: When Kerri Dye took the GED last summer, she passed every section of the exam — social studies, science, language arts — […]

Gates Backed Massachusetts “Education Non-Profit” Seeks to Silence Voter Voices

You cannot swing a dead cat these days without hitting a Bill Gates funded “Education Non-Profit” these days. Case in point, what is happening in Massachusetts with their ballot question. The Massachusetts Business Alliance (MBA) recently filed an appeal to block Massachusetts voters from voting on whether or not to keep the controversial Common Core […]

Fourth Project Veritas Common Core Video Exposes Pearson Bid Rigging

In the fourth installment of Project Veritas’s Common Core undercover series brings to light some interesting tidbits about Pearson and the LAUSD (Los Angeles United School District) in California. Much of what was revealed supports what Michelle Malkin had written about the sketchy iPad debacle in LAUSD. Here at, we followed this case and others […]

Pearson Is Everywhere: Lowering the bar for the GED

Welcome back to Pearson is Everywhere, folks. It’s been a while since we had an installment, but this one is big. Pearson, who owns the General Education Development test commonly known as the GED, is lowering the bar.   Via the GED Website: GED Testing Service has recommended a recalibration of the GED® test passing […]

New Mexico Ed Secretary is Now Common Core PARCC Chair

New Mexico’s Education Secretary, Hannah Skandera, has quietly been named the new chair of the PARCC  governing boards.  The PARCC is one of the two Common Core testing consortia. Skandera has replaced Mitchell Chester. Mercedes Schneider caught this change recently, noting there was no formal press release: At some point in November 2015, it seems that New […]

Milgram Rips Zimba On Telling Parents to ‘Butt Out’

For a mild-mannered and polite older gentleman, Dr. James Milgram does not suffer young fools in spectacular fashion. Recently Common Core math writer, Jason Zimba, told parents exasperated by the overly convoluted and ridiculous Common Core math to ‘butt out‘. Too late. Dr. James Milgram has fired both barrels at Zimba in an Op Ed at RedState. […]

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