NC DPI Conducting A Common Core Rebrand

In April, NC DPI tipped their hand to these changes at the monthly State Board of Education meeting.  At that meeting, it became clear that the work of the Academic Standards Review Commission’s (ASRC) math group was being utilized in some manner. [Read: ICYMI – NC’s Dept Of Public Instruction Takes ASRC Recommendations As Their Own] […]

MI Senate Committee Commits Common Core Heresy

A Michigan state Senate committee has committed Common Core heresy. They have approved a full replacement for the flawed Common Core math and English standards: pre Common Core Massachusetts standards. That sound you just heard was the collective gasp of eduwonks, ed reformers and Common Core mouthpieces. How dare they? Well, this Michigan Committee seems to […]

Don’t believe the headlines. Missouri likely just got a Common Core Rebrand.

Headlines in various outlets are claiming Missouri has dumped Common Core.  For example, the St. Louis Dispatch’s headline reads, Missouri education officials replace Common Core standards. Excerpt: While Anne Gassel, a leader of the Missouri Coalition Against Common Core who also worked on the middle and high school math panel, believes the new standards are an […]

Latest State To Rebrand? Tennessee.

The headline reads, Tennessee phases out Common Core.  Makes you think the state has dropped Common Core in favor of something else, right? Wrong. This is another rebrand. Via The Tennessean: State education officials approved new English and math standards Friday, marking the symbolic end of controversial Common Core standards in Tennessee. Tennessee is the latest state to phase […]

Colorado School Employing “Anti-Bias” Curriculum Has Parents Asking Questions

Last June, I highlighted the ‘Common Core Aligned’ curriculum being produced by an organization called Teaching Tolerance. This organization is an offshoot of the controversial Southern Poverty Law Center, whose ‘hate map’ was utilized by Floyd Corkins to attempt a mass shooting at the Family Research Council headquarters. Teaching Tolerance’s Common Core Aligned curriculum includes an ‘anti-bias’ […]

Common Core is NOT Done in NC

There’s an article by Joy Pullman over at the Federalist called, Stick a Fork in Common Core – It’s Done. Pullman lays out the various ways Common Core has crashed and burned.  It’s a long read but well worth your time. Here’s a an important excerpt, but read the whole thing: At best, Common Core caused no […]

ICYMI – NC’s Dept Of Public Instruction Takes ASRC Recommendations As Their Own

Education NC reported that the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (DPI) is making changes to Common Core.   Hypocrisy abound, NC DPI basically taking #ASRC req’s as their own on Common Core #nced #stopcc #ncga — A.P. Dillon – LL1885 (@LadyLiberty1885) April 1, 2016 Funny thing is, the proposed changes look just like […]

Meet NC’s New ESSA Overlord

The News and Observer is reporting on a ‘consultant’ who will ‘oversee’ ESSA implementation in the state of North Carolina. One has to ask, is this going on in other state as well? Is this our ESSA Overlord? Excerpt: WASHINGTON A North Carolina businessman and former teacher is on a committee selected by the U.S. […]

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