Author: Kristen Blair

Common Core 101 and Legislative Round-up Nationwide

The Friday edition of USA Today includes an article providing a legislative round-up of activity nationwide to address, or push back against, Common Core. The article references Common Core legislation that has advanced in the NC General Assembly, as well as legislation governors have signed in recent weeks (in South Carolina and Oklahoma) to remove the standards. The fact […]

Massachusetts Legislator Pushing to Pause Common Core Spending

Massachusetts state Rep. Keiko Orall is intent on stopping Common Core spending in her state until more is known about the financial impact of the standards. As she noted today in a post on her Facebook page: Yesterday I filed legislation to put a PAUSE on PARCC testing and Common Core until we have a […]

Growing Push-back from Catholic Educators on Common Core

A new article in US News and World Report out yesterday highlights increased concern (and division) among Catholic educators about the Common Core standards adopted by many US Catholic schools. The article notes that some Catholic dioceses have elected to “adapt” the standards, banding together to form the Common Core Catholic Identity Initiative. From the CCCII […]

Common Core’s K-2 Problem

Common Core assessments and young children? They don’t mix. Such is the message from Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, and Nancy Carlsson-Paige, a professor emerita of early childhood education at Lesley University, in a column they co-authored this week, entitled “Early Learning: This is Not a Test.”  Their post appeared on […]

Common Core and K-3 Concerns

For several years now, concern has been building about the impact of Common Core on our youngest learners. As I’ve written before, in 2010 more than 500 early childhood education professionals signed a joint statement opposing the K-3 standards. Among those signing the statement were three past presidents of the National Association for the Education […]

Maine’s Governor Affirms Local Control and Student Privacy

Yesterday Maine Governor Paul LePage signed an executive order pushing back against top-down federal intrusion into education, and seeking to safeguard student privacy. Truth in American Education’s Shane Vander Hart noted of the executive order, “It doesn’t back Maine out of the Common Core State Standards, but it is a HUGE step and other governors […]

Common Core…What’s That?

Despite frenzied debate in education policy circles over Common Core, the reality is that most Americans do not even know what it is. That’s right: the new 45th annual PDK/Gallup Poll of the Public’s Attitudes Toward the Public Schools (conducted this May of 1001 Americans 18 or older) reveals a majority of Americans have never even […]

New Survey of Education Insiders Shows Roadblocks for Common Core

In the realm of public opinion, significant roadblocks lie ahead for proponents of Common Core, especially with regard to assessments from the two national consortia. The latest July/August “Education Insider” survey from Whiteboard Advisers, reflecting the anonymous responses of “education influentials” (“policymakers, thought leaders, and association heads”) should encourage Common Core opponents. Here’s a snapshot […]

The Great Books Marginalized Under Common Core

There’s no disputing the fact that Common Core dramatically reduces the emphasis on classical literature in English language arts classrooms. The issue isn’t that Common Core precludes the teaching of great books. Of course it doesn’t. To be fair, text exemplars (“sample texts to guide educators”) posted on the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction’s […]

High Costs of Common Core Testing

Estimates are rolling in about the whopper of a price tag behind Common Core’s online testing. Some officials are getting cold feet. Oklahoma (a member of the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers, or PARCC) announced recently that the state would not adopt consortium tests. But why? A new article from Benjamin […]

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