Author: Bob Luebke

Fox News’ Question of the Day

GO VOTE!  – Fox News is asking the public about Common Core.  Go to this link and cast your vote. Just scroll down until you see the “Question of the Day” on the right side.  

New Hanover School Board Passes Resolution

Last night the New Hanover School Board unanimously passed a resolution asking the General Assembly and the NC State Board of Education for clarity pertaining to the adoption of Common Core Standards.  While the media carried articles on this local school board discussing a resolution (here, here, and here), I found absolutely NO coverage regarding […]

Common Core = Higher Standards?

Don’t miss these two you-tubes regarding Common Core math standards in elementary school. The first clip involves a staff development session at an elementary school.  The leader confirms that Common Core standards emphasize the “understanding” of math concepts rather than the “final answers.” Emphasis is moving to the explanation of the answer rather than on […]

NC No Longer Listed on inBloom, Inc.’s Website

Questioning the bureaucrats sometimes produces changes! I posted a blog back in March stating how North Carolina was partnering with a company, inBloom, Inc., regarding data collection on students, and Guilford County was the pilot.  Well, guess what?  I have heard the NC Department of Instruction has decided NOT to work with this company any […]

Ohio Begins Journey to End Common Core

Ohio legislators introduced a bill to stop the implementation of Common Core and the Common Core Assessments. The bill states: Any actions taken to adopt or implement the common core state standards as of the effective date of this section are void. The Columbus Dispatch reports on the this issue: If approved, Ohio would be […]

Governor’s Comment on Common Core

Governor McCrory’s press release today is concerning. The governor also told the audience attending the North Carolina Chamber of Commerce’s Conference on Education in Chapel Hill that students should be held to the reading and mathematics standards laid out in the Common Core curriculum. However, he noted improvement is needed in their implementation. No, Governor, […]

Conversation With David Coleman

Michael Farris, co-founder of Home School Legal Defense Association, has been an out spoken opponent of Common Core. Recently he had a conversation with David Coleman, leader in the Common Core Standards.  Farris posted a letter to members of HSLDA describing his conversation: I told Mr. Coleman that the point of the story was this: […]

Lt. Gov. Forest’s Letter to DPI Asking Questions

Lt. Governor Forest posts another YouTube video highlighting a letter he is sending to NC State Superintendent June Atkinson. The letter asks Superintendent Atkinson to have the Department of Public Instruction answer a series of questions relating to concerns over the state’s adoption of the Common Core Standards.   x

Another State Pulling from Testing Consortium

This time it is Oklahoma! State Superintendent Janet Barresi announced Monday that she is withdrawing Oklahoma from testing through a consortium of 20 or so other states to coincide with the new Common Core curriculum standards. “We came to this decision after many months of deliberation, listening to classroom teachers, curriculum directors, superintendents and visiting with […]

Pennsylvania Leaves Test Consortia

Catherine Gewertz, assistant editor for Education Week, keeps us up to date on assessment consortia membership. Another state makes the wise decision to withdraw from both groups.  There are now seven states not involved in either of the groups developing assessments for Common Core.

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