Appointments made to Common Core Commission

A number of appointments have recently been made to the Academic Standards Review Commission. S.L. 2014-78 created the commission for reviewing Common Core Math and English Standards and making recommendations to the State Board of Education.  The legislation established an 11 member Commission. As of today, 8 members have been named. They are:

Mrs. Sara “Katie” Lemons of Stokes County – English Teacher
Dr. Jeffrey  A. Isenhour of Catawba County -Middle School Principal
Ms. Tammy J. Covil of New Hanover County — New Hanover County Board of Education
Mrs. Sharmel “Denise” Watts of Mecklenburg County  — Project Lift in Charlotte,

Dr. John. T. Scheick  of Wake County  – Retired Professor
Laurie McCullom  of Rockingham County – Assistant Principal
Ann B. Clark  of Iredell County – Deputy Superintendent of Schools, CMS
Jeannie Metcalf  of Forsyth County – Winston Salem, Forsyth County Board of Education

Speaker Tillis made the first four appointments;  the second four are those made by Senate President Phil Berger.  Three slots remain to be filled. Chairman of the State Board of Education, Bill Cobey has two appointments. I am told an announcement could be made by the end of this week.  Governor McCrory has the other appointment.  No word yet on when that selection will be made.

S.L. 2014-78 said the Commission’s first meeting was to be held before September 1st.  Obviously that won’t be happening.  With these appointments, the Commission does however now have a quorum.  I would expect that Commission meeting dates and agendas would start develop shortly.

Stay tuned.

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  • Where are the early educated persons on the commission? CC is not age appropriate for KG thru’ 4th grade. That means 4 persons on the commission should be validated in this area. If we have 12 grades and KG to 4 th grade are the 5 MOST important FOUNDATION years of education — then where are our early education persons on the commission. Don’t tell me they left them out again. CC had NO EARLY EDUCATION WRITERS. What chance do our 5th graders have without those skills from the early grades . We have to yell louder now to be heard —spread the word- tell the the Gates-the Colemens -the publishing companies -the federal gov’t -these are our children not your experiment for your future employees. We will not go quietly into the night– we will find everyway we can to stop the destruction of our children education. We will bring back successful curriculum that has been stolen from our teachers and our children. FEDERAL GOV’T GET OUT OF NC EDUCATION

    elizabeth berg
    elizabeth berg Sep 04, 2014 at 0:10

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