ALERT: H.R. 5 – Student Success Act

AlertH.R. 5 is the Student Success Act. This bill has had a few versions, but the net-net of it is that it’s a vehicle to entrench Common Core for another 7 years, has an emphasis on high stakes testing usurps parental rights, digs into religious freedom and reduced local control.

If parents want to give input, now is the time. House Education Committee members, Representatives and Senators need to be contacted before this heads to a vote possibly on Tuesday, February 24th. Update: It looks like it might be Friday the 27th now.

For the record, John Kline is the Sponsor.

Here are some more articles that lay out what is wrong with H.R. 5:


Some Important Links for H.R. 5:

H.R. 5 Current Text is 600+  pages long and can be viewed here:

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  • This bill has moved out of committee for a floor vote so please contact your representative not just members on the Education Committee, see link below for contact information of representatives

    NC Citizen
    NC Citizen Feb 23, 2015 at 9:25

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