After five years of Common Core, ACT scores show no sign of ‘College Readiness’

Recent ACT scores indicate that after five years of Common Core in most states, the standards have done little to improve ‘college readiness’.  It also appears the achievement gap for minorities is getting worse.

When reading the following excerpt, remember that Common Core standards are only in Math and English Language arts. However, many states have applied the Common Core format to other subjects.

AP Reported:

Of the ACT-tested high school graduates this year, 61 percent met the English benchmark of 18 points, which indicates a student is likely ready for a college composition course and would earn a “C” or better grade.

In reading, 44 percent met the 22-point mark that suggests readiness for a college-level social-sciences course. For math, 41 percent met the 22-point threshold that predicts success in an algebra course. And in science, 36 percent reached the 23-point score that predicts success in an entry-level biology course.

In contrast, 34 percent of 2016 grads did not meet any of the four benchmarks. Weeks called that number alarming, an indication those students are likely to struggle with first-year courses and end up in remedial classes that will delay degree completion and increase college costs.



Reading: 56% failed to meet the college readiness benchmark

Math: 59% failed to meet the college readiness benchmark

Science: 64% failed to meet the college readiness benchmark

The report from the AP went on, noting a racial disparity:

The report showed a relatively wide gulf, by race, in the percentages of graduates hitting three or more of the college-ready benchmarks. Forty-nine percent of white test-takers met the three-or-more benchmark, compared with 11 percent of African-Americans and 23 percent of Hispanic test-takers. But the gaps between the groups haven’t shifted that much, for better or worse, in the past four years.

Wasn’t Common Core supposed to ‘level the playing field’?

Wasn’t it supposed to close the achievement gap?

Yes, it was.

Is it? No. Arguably, Common Core seems to be making it worse.

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